Harper’s Island

Great television murder mysteries enthral us. This is a kind of small screen soapie version of I Know What You Did Last Summer.

harpers_islandGreat television murder mysteries enthral us: Twin Peaks, the “Who Shot JR?” episode of Dallas – even “Who Shot Mr Burns?” endure as shining whodunits. The newest take on the genre, Harper’s Island, is really nothing so new at all, but thankfully it kinda knows it. Set on an island “37 miles from Seattle” this is a short-run, 13 episode drama. Each week a character is extracted. By the end of the series we’ll learn who the dastardly killer is, and effectively, it will be over. In this age of commitment to serialised television at least we know what we’re in for.

This mystery revolves around guests gathered for a wedding. If memory serves me correctly, that’s the same premise of the soapie Out of the Blue at Manly Beach. But with its bigger budgets, Harper’s Island is looking to be an unabashed homage to the horror genre. This is a kind of small screen soapie version of I Know What You Did Last Summer. There are plenty of pretty 20-somethings with jealousies, bar brawls and indiscretions. Everyone is both potential victim and suspect here, harbouring dark secrets with cyber- stalking thrown in to boot (do not attempt this at home).

In principal roles are Katie Cassidy (Supernatural) who is due to marry Christopher Gorham, better known as Ugly Betty’s boyfriend, Henry. Even Harry Hamlin makes a guest appearance. There’re plenty of others who look like they’ve just walked off the set of The Bold and the Beautiful or Passions too.

The look of the series is glamorously dark, with green forests, old timber mansions and designer wardrobe. Not quite The Shining or Twin Peaks but it tries… It also doesn’t come close with its level of tension either, with melodramatic and laboured dialogue. They even use the old cliché line, “Let’s get out of here!” which would be awfully fun if the drama ramped up its sense of cheek.

That’s the main problem with the first episode – despite the fun idea it doesn’t go far enough. The two deaths this week are inventively staged. One is worthy of being downright squeamish. You can’t help but wish it got to its MA15+ murders a little faster. B-grade TV that aspires to kitsch? Almost.

Still, it’s certainly different from most of the other offerings around.

3_starsHarper’s Island premieres 9.40pm Sunday on TEN.

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  1. wth?? are they idots?? why would the axe it and replace with the biggest loser??
    No one with a life can watch it at 1:25 am
    SOo P!$$3D i really wanted to noe wat happens

  2. I agree with Stephen, the firt episode reminded me a bit of a cross between the B&B and twin peaks but the second really got into the story adn i was looking forward to ep 3. It is sooo anoying when they do this. At the very least they could have shown something at 9.40 saying where they’d moved it to. now i’ve appantly missed ep 3 and 4!

  3. what the hell!!!!
    wtf is channel 10 thinking? did they axe it? and why,
    last week i was going to watch it and i changed the channel only to find big people running on treadmills (no offense to them),
    but what the hells going on!
    f* channel 10

  4. The first episode of Harper’s Island wasn’t very good mainly because it was a superficial cattle call of all the people who are going to be bumped off throughout the series. The second episode got into the story and was much better.

    So, does anyone know? Was episode 3 shown last week May 25 at 1:25 am unknown to most viewers, or is the next episode on at 1:25 am June 1 episode number 3???

  5. I watched the first 2 episodes and went to watch the third to find that The Us Biggest Loser was on. Channel 10 have done this too many times……I am over it.
    There was weeks of build up and TV advertising to watch Harper’s Island- so I did and what for- channel 10 axed it after 2 weeks.
    Not very good customer service!!

  6. hahaha i agree with Styx – what the hell channel 10.
    So what if its not “original” or “intelligent” it was still more entertaining than biggest loser america! at least it was something to watch apart from crap reality shows.
    if anyone knows where on the web we can catch up on eps (didnt realise it had been shifted to 1:25 am (specifically obscure time slot by the way) please post cause i don’t care if its crap I still want to know what happens, whereas biggest loser we already know – people cry, sweat, lose weight, then go on to promote subway.

  7. I agree with the posts here – how can you commit to a show and then axe it after two episodes – cashmere maffia got more air time than that! (And that was crap) Its ridiculous to expect the ratings to be amazing when you dont even give the show a chance to develop a fan base. Shame on you channel ten.

  8. Gore: If u hated it so much, why have u bothered to look it up on the net and spent it time writing a comment?? People like u amuse me.. U should find a hobby…
    I want Harpers Island back to 940pm!!!!!!!

  9. Good riddance to bad garbage. This show was so bad, I didn’t even finish watching the first episode. In fact, the first murder was so contrived and unbelievable that I turned it off right after that. Awful, awful show.

  10. What a rip off.
    Was so looking forward to watching Harper’s Island last night – only to be highly disappointed when it was announced The Biggest Loser US would be on. That the hell?
    This is Australia – we have an Australian Biggest Loser show – Why the hell do we want to watch the US version?!
    Why doesn’t Channel 10 have a email contact?! I want to email them and complain!
    Bring back Harpers Island to 9:40!!!! I love channel 10, but this is a real let-down.
    Most people have to get up early for work through the week! I’m up at 5am…9:40pm was pushing it…but 1:25am?!

  11. Channel Ten you suck balls, literally Ssuc b***S. People pay there taxes and work hard to get a choice to watch what they want to watch on Australian tv. Harpers Island was good , alot of people are p***ed at you , and well you deserve it , I dont care to see one more show of fat bastards from america or australia , see that to much to often, Get rid of it , were not all mindless people that want to see weight loss **t. We want action intrrigue horror ect. What is it going take , a pertition from the public or for people to start a boycot against your channel. You never play anything exceopt for what you want. The only reason biggest loosser crap is on is you head honchos need some help with your fat F****N waists yourselves.

    Put harpers island back on you selfish bastards, dont get people hooked then take it away, and desive them.

    Once again TEN your a bunch of F****N b** lickers.

  12. Why no harpers Island playing?… Family was waiting all week to watch this series.. and now it is change to bigger loser???????? why do we want to watch the bigger loser not is not Australian???? We want harpers island again. Please have it broadcast next week… Very disappointed that US bigger loser is playing.

  13. What the F**K! this cant be happening. Here in Sydney channel 10 have move Harpers Island from 9:40pm to 1:25am ! what the hell!!!!! (thank god they didn’t axe it)!!!!! i really hate chanell 10!

    (No offense to big people but The Biggest Loser and watching obese people exercise does not make good TV) Especially if we are watching AmericanBiggest Loser. if they want to show crap TV then fine, by all means do so, but show the Australian Biggest Loser during the day so no one has to suffer. and while i’m at it whats with bold and the beautiful!! that nearly took over Simpsons for goodness sake!!!!!

    Its !0pm and i dont have my harper’s island and im really p***ed off now!

    can’t wait to get to school tommorow just so i can bitch abot it to my fellow Harper’s Island Addictees! Arrrrrrrggggggg! infuriating!!!!

    BTW : – the weird creepy brorhter is soooo hot!!!

  14. I am so confused Harper’s Island was advertised this afternoon to be on at 940pm and now the biggest loser American is on. What a disapointment! I have been waiting all week for this! Damn Channel Ten!

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