homeMADE in trouble

homemade21Nine’s homeMADE is proving an early disaster for Channel Nine, attracting just 889,000 in only its second outing. It is a drop from its premiere of 1.02m viewers.

Considering all the promotion Nine ran on the show, the production expense and the importance of the show as a key mid-year brand, Nine has big problems on its hands.

The show was whipped by TEN’s Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation at just under 1.6m viewers -almost matching its first week. Together with MasterChef Australia, TEN has some popular new shows on its hands.

Seven won the night with 28.4%  but TEN was a strong second with 27.6%, leaving Nine some distance behind on 22.5%.

So far this week TEN is also leading Nine.

Week 20


  1. I am an Interior Designer and I, along with other colleagues, was asked to audtion for a judging role on the show which at the time was pitched to me as a Design show – not a renovation-blitz-Durie-Changing Rooms show. As soon as I heard it was for Ch 9 I said no. Even though it sounded like it had a good angle I just knew they’d completely dumb it down and make it like every other renovation challenge show on 9 over the past decade. If it was an Aussie version of Arena’s Top Design at least it would be a new genre. But who would expect anything but tired and dated dross from Ch 9….

  2. What’s the deal with this show and the 48 hour cooling off period between the Sunday show and the eviction show on Tuesday? There was no suspense or drama at the end of the Sunday show and that left no incentive to have to wait almost two whole days to see the next episode.
    Nine has tampered with the formula and are paying for it as this show’s flimsy premise and lack of character can’t hold it up for long.

  3. You didn’t have to be Einstein to work out this show would never work. Honestly, Nine really have a nack of getting this so wrong in recent times. Either they put so much time and effort into shows that are crap and promo the living day lights out of them or they do put a good show to air without all the in your face promo but then don’t give them a chance and pull them off air before you can say……..

  4. Like I said before, who, in these economic times, want to see home reno shows when noone can afford it.

    And, who, given the state of ch 9 these days, will get into any show they put on, knowing full well that they will axe it or bump it if it does not perform.

    The show is not working as expected, but 800k is better than nothing, and they have put alot into it, so they should at at least leave it on for those who care rather than taking it off for other repeats.

    Maybe then, it will build up and some faith may start coming back to 9.

  5. I’m certainly over these shows…why are the ‘creatives’ in the TV industry so lacking in any creativity!

    The other thing that put me off this show was the 10 minute ad for it the other night before Footy Classified which was already late coming on. After having to sit through a tedious ad while I got more tired I promised myself that I wouldn’t tune in even if I was mildly interested as Channel Nine had treated it’s Footy Classified viewers with such contempt.

  6. Its just a really stupid and dumbo show. There is a show called Top Design on Arena that does this so much better. I think that people would be interested in see a genuine show about renovating on a budget but the contestants seem to have no idea about renovation or even about making and sticking to a budget. The best example was the person who tried to get roman blinds made by someone who did not know how to make roman blinds. You can buy these sort of blinds off the shelf at various stores. From what I could see the renovations were really not appropriate for their clients. Also there was more time spent promoting video calls on telstra next g than on real renovating tips. This show is just about product placement. GIve the contestants a real budget and let them go and select items from anywhere the like and not just the sponsors.

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