Humphrey going homeless

humphreyWell it’s official.

Humphrey B. Bear is now homeless, forced to leave his old studio at WIN-based Channel Nine in Adelaide where Banksia Productions had run up debts of more than $50,000.

Finding a new home for Humphrey has been delayed as the liquidator of Banksia, which held the licence to the Here’s Humphrey series, sifts through rights agreements to determine just what of Humphrey’s possessions can be sold.

Banksia Productions was put into liquidation by the Supreme Court last month over a debt of $50,102 to Channel Nine South Australia.

Banksia’s website indicates it also owns The Curiosity Show, Hot Science, The Music Shop, and Kids Downunder plus some documentaries.

Humphrey made a brief appearance at the Logie Awards.

Source: The Australian


  1. This is really Sad.

    But This isn’t so bad as having your show like they did with Temptation and before that Sale of the Century taken off the air to be replaced by some rubbich comedy after close to thirty years.

    Before You know it we could be back to Different Strokes and Other Older American Family Sitcoms after school like they had back in the Eighties If nothing is done to save Humphrey.

  2. Yes, I feel sorry for Humphrey too. He was always a happy pants-less bear… Yet, maybe that was the reason why he was always happy?

    Anyway, to fair to WIN Corp, it’s really up to PBL-Nine as to whether Humphrey gets another timeslot again. Beacuse, as you can see, WIN stations don’t know what to do with their other in-house shows, such as Alive & Cooking (after Nine went with an hour 11am newscast this month).

    I might be wrong, but I think the loveable bear is still getting a run on ABC’s Australia Network?

  3. Glenn Petrie

    I heard of ‘The Curiosity Show’, as I remember watching it in the ’80s. Never heard of the other three shows.

    Macarthurblack: “If I had enough money I’d buy him!”

    I second that.

  4. When Rupert Murdoch bailed WIN4 out of bankruptcy back in 1963 his Adelaide station NWS9 gave WIN4, at no cost, their local programming like “Country & Western Hour”, “TV Week Ten-Pin Bowling”, and “Bear Bear” – which was later renamed “Here’s Humphrey”. Murdoch later sold out to current owner Bruce Gordon. Surely Bruce Gordon can find it in his heart to give Humphrey a home, even in one of the bomb shelters at WIN’s studios.After all, Humphrey did play an active part in saving WIN.

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