It’s just the vibe, Bud

bud2Television networks are paying their respects to Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell with late minute programming changes on Nine and the ABC.

Nine will screen The Castle on Saturday night at 7:30pm. Bert Newton will introduce the movie and pay a special homage to Bud.

Meanwhile the ABC1 as switches its Artscape special next Tuesday night to feature Bud Tingwell: A Tribute.

It airs at 10pm.


  1. I am also glad that they are paying tribute but couldn’t they have shown something different with all the things bud was in they could have put something better on rather than the castle again

  2. its a shame that they couldn’t air the movie in all its uncensored glory – the cuts are sooo dodgy – like the random aircraft noises when the thug turns up at the door – they would have been better to just bleep rather than copy paste random bits of audio…

  3. A reason for Nine to rerun for the umpteenth time the butchered version of “The Castle”. Bud did a library full of material. Pity tNine couldn’t make an effort and do a better tribute to him than just rerun “The Castle”…again.

  4. I would much perfer to see an old episode of 20 to 01 that Bud hosted, or Puberty Blues, The Wog Boy, The Dish, Changi or Homicide.

    Oh well, at least they are paying tribute.

    I send my prayers out to the family of Bud Tingwell at this most sad time.

  5. Steve Roderick

    I hope the abc does add some late show footage in it.

    Wouldn’t it make an awesome tribute if rob sitch or tom gleisner did an intro type of thing like bert is doing

  6. Hmm. It’ll most likely be an edited PG version, if it’s at 7:30pm. IIRC, the cuts Nine made, particularly to all the coarse language, were very interesting.

    Personally, I’d prefer the complete Charlie the Wonderdog.
    “He truly is… a wonder dog.”

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