Late News returns to Nine

latenewsGood to see a return to Late News last night on the Nine Network. Presenter Wendy Kingston read the first 11:30pm bulletin with Jaynie Seal doing weather.

Slated one hour after TEN’s is a sensible time for those who have been out and missed TEN’s version.

Last year Nine dropped Nightline after 15 years, due to cost cutting. Its last episode was also hosted by Kingston.Despite the name change it was hard to discern one show from another (see photo).

nightlineNine is now looking to re-build its News brand with plans for a new Sydney set and the extension of the 11am Morning News to 12pm.

A Saturday edition of the Today show, which was a surprise to many, will continue weekends from 7 – 9am.

“Put simply, in an age where fast and accurate news is supreme, Nine will be producing more quality news content than ever before in its history,” David Gyngell said.


  1. that’s way too much news if you include the 4:30pm bulletins that shouldn’t even be on due to that being a Childrens Programming Hour

  2. yesterday nines late news started and finished nine minuets earlier, to bad if you switched on at 11:30 you would have missed the first few stories. Why cant nine just show thing as advertised!

  3. 9 late news is live for East Coast as they quote the Dow Jones which opens at 11.30pm EST our time (9.30am US eastern time) and that correlates with the value of the index seen live on Fox news, etc.

  4. richard h, i agree, probably Nines hottest, if not only hot news reader. Seven seem to have a fair abundance of them, Sarah groen, sam armytage, chris bath’s alright for an older woman, Nat Barr, Monque Wright. list goes on.

  5. during two and a half men in Melbourne nine accidentally started showing a sydney news update with wendy but then after a few seconds peter cut in with the melbourne edition. when i first saw wendy i was actually thinking doesn’t peter normally do the news updates right up till the late news starts(or before yesterday the extended update)

  6. Why did they take it off in the first place, only to put it back on sans the “Nightline” branding? Just another addition to the long and nonsensical list of Nine programming moves.

  7. Well I might keep a keen eye on that “live” camera to see if I can spot a clue. For one thing, that blue-topped building is no longer on power save late at night (if it really is still doing that in reality).

    This will be far easier to spot by summer time, actually.


  8. Mr Do-Bee, I suggest you clean your ears out, the opener did not say “This is Nine News Late News with…” it said, quite clearly, “This is Nine’s Late News… with Wendy Kingston.”


  9. So Nine now is News city plus 2 1/2 men,ramsay, underbelly and that’s it.
    But as axel says why so much.
    5-9 am (4 hours) 11-12 (1 Hour) 6-7 inc aca (1 hr) 11.30 pm-midnight (30 mins)
    throw in KAK and GMA (90 mins 3.30 am- 5 am) and it is overload.
    I don’t need more news especially bad news, I want weeds,Survivor,Chuck,Pushing Daisy,Terminator Sarah Connor and all those other shows you have warehoused.

  10. Quality news? Umm whenever I watch the Nine News (Adelaide) it is all about sport, and then the smallest amount of news which they always manage to somehow relate back to sport. The only overseas news they show is sport related or a cat up a tree. Hopefully the East Cost based Late News actually is news and not utter rubbish.

  11. David, it won’t be on IceTV’s EPG, late addition or not, until either the earlier court order is lifted or they notice it being on at the same time for long enough that they can “predict” it.

    Stupid? Yes, but that’s what you get when lawyers get involved. And Nine wonders why they’re haemorrhaging viewers…

    Incidentally, I would have assumed it would have been on Nine’s own EPG on their channel, as well as on the Nine-owned YourTV. Was it, though? I don’t use the former, and only use the latter when a network throws a curve ball. But surely Nine with direct (and very very legal!!!) control of both those EPG sources would have the update there way ahead of time. Right, Nine? Nine? Bueller?

  12. I’m all for anything that means we see more of the delightful Wendy Kingston. Good to see Nine bring back the late news but as it clashes with Letterman don’t think I’ll see much of it.

  13. I very much doubt if this late news is *Live*. If someone out there knows different, feel free to correct me. The impression I got from watching the opener and first couple of stories last night was that it was a simple, cheap re-package of the 6pm news. I don’t see any extra content being produced for this bulletin, unlike the Nightline days. The title also sounds clumsy and stupid: “This is Nine News Late News with…”. I suppose it’s better that they didn’t resurrect the “Nightline” brand because this definitely isn’t the late news service Nine dilivered in the Jim Waley/Hugh Riminton days.

  14. I like to watch Ten News (skip Sports Tonight) then watch David letterman. It’s a great consistent one-three combo for pre-bedtime that Nine can’t compete with.

    Now if only someone would start broadcasting Craig Ferguson, then I’d be their loyal viewer forever.

  15. good to see a return of the late news, although it didn’t even appear in the foxtel epg until a few hours before and monday’s morning news was still displayed as half an hour even when it was on the air, @neon kitten even if nine did supply icetv with data the late news probably still wont have been in their epg as the changes went even listen on nines own yourtv website, although i still now what your getting at.

  16. Neon Kitten

    Dear Nine:

    I might have watched your new Late News.

    However, thanks to your still-current court order against IceTV, I never knew it was on, since it wasn’t in my EPG. It still isn’t.

    Ah well. Guess you’ve once again achieved your objective of stopping me from watching your shows. Well done. And good luck with that “news brand”. Though you might wanna try telling people about it instead of (unsuccessfully) suing those that try to do your promo work for you.

  17. This just proves ch9 don’t know what they are doing,

    Late night news as you prepare for bed or wind down for the day is a must for many people, so of course they now turn to ch10 more than ever.

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