Lifetime BAFTA gong for Tracey Ullman

About time Tracey Ullman was recognised. After all her show is where The Simpsons first hit the screen.

traceyullmanVersatile actress and comedienne Tracey Ullman has been presented with a lifetime achievement prize from BAFTA‘s Los Angeles branch.

The 49-year-old comedienne was given BAFTA‘s first ever Charlie Chaplin award at the British Comedy Festival and Awards on Friday, part of Los Angeles’ annual BritWeek festival.

Ullman is an inspirational performer, with The Tracey Ullman Show proving a bold format in which she plays multiple characters. Significantly, it was also the TV birthplace of The Simpsons, with most of the lead actors having appeared as regulars in her show.

“It’s lovely, I’m just thrilled. It’s a nice achievement and I’ve got lots of friends here tonight,” she said.

“I’ve come a bloody long way from my mum’s window sill – the original Tracy Ullman Show,” she said.

“I’d draw the curtains and my mum would sit in bed and I’d do a show on the window sill.”

Source: BBC

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