Locally-made ads get ACMA tick

vegemite3Channel Nine has topped the commercial free to air broadcasters in delivering locally-produced advertisements in 2008, says the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

ACMA requires the broadcasters to screen locally-made ads for at least 80 per cent of their advertising time between 6am and midnight.

During 2008, the Nine Network averaged 92 per cent, Seven averaged 87 per cent and TEN averaged 85 per cent. All three networks exceeded the required minimum, and remained relatively unchanged from the previous year -good news for the local production sector and Aussie actors.

Now if we can just get ACMA to look at sponsor-driven content, product placement and that horrendous midnight-6am shift we’ll be making some real inroads.

No figure was provided for SBS which remains defined as a public broadcaster.

Source: ACMA


  1. i wish they brought back the original English version of the Maltesers ad (the one with the two girls driving around the roundabout). The recent Australian dubbed one is not fooling anyone.

    Does dubbing a foreign ad make it Australian content in the eyes of ACMA? If so what a joke…

  2. What about locally produced shows?
    Then again, there are sooo many ads these days that they basically make up most of a show anyway.

  3. Do locally produced ads include those hideously dubbed (initially) foreign made commercials?

    With the way the actors speak, it doesn’t take you long to figure out the vision of the ad didn’t originate here.

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