Lost in split finale

lost-josh-holloway421Seven will split the finale of Lost across two weeks, May 27th and June 3rd.

In the US this will screen as a two hour season finale on May 13th.

But at its 11pm start time in Oz, Seven is opting for two eps across two weeks -a trick it’s done before even in an earlier timeslot.

Seven also has a Lost special this Sunday night at midnight and repeated 2pm Wednesday. A final season will follow in 2010.

Seven has previously indicated it will replace Lost with the final 6 episodes of Prison Break, expected to be confirmed for June 10th.


  1. Just watched final ep for the season and OMG it was amazing to say the least, it had a little bit of everything but I cannot wait until next season now. I haven’t missed an ep but this one was one of the best.

    One more thing – I hope James and Juliet stay together, they’re perfect. It broke my heart when she fell. I thought Sawyer was about to jump after her.

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