Loveland dating for Nine

computer-datingPerfect Match‘s robot Dexter used to give star-crossed lovers a compatibility rating.

Now 20+ years on, a new dating show format picked up by Nine could see contestants using virtual real-time animation to create an alter-ego.

Loveland, developed by U.K. production outfit Standing Stone, is a studio-based format. The contestants go on dates as their computer-generated animated characters, while the audiences watches.

The show concludes with the contestant picking the character they would most like to meet in person for a real date.

TEG the director of sales and programming Jane Dockery described Loveland as a modern-day dating show format with a twist.

“It’s the perfect feel good format with something new to offer in the form of the avatars and ground-breaking technology.”

Source: World Screen


  1. @ Rob – oh c’mon, this is hardly a new concept. And as for niche or big budget, tis show’s format will be neither.

    I think in this post the criticism is warranted, not due to it being Nine, but it being such a poor idea to begin with.

    And frankly, the fact the the ailing Nine would even consider such a show is definitely leaving them open for some pokes.

  2. This format is all gimmick no guts. Another bad move by 9. I agree totally that right now they seem to have no idea what people want to watch.

  3. Yes – but everything new on 9 fails as they are too far off the track of what people want to see on TV now. The ratings say it all.

    And, why would anyone give a new show on 9 a serious go given that they bump or axe them within weeks -as their track record shows.

    Refer article on this web site about 11th Hour being axed from 9 as one example. There are many others. All this stuff generates 9 bashing, not to mention the shows they own that they do not air favouring repeats and non creative programming instead.

  4. I don’t think it will work.

    Part of the show would be the equivalent of watching complete strangers playing Second Life or the Sims. Or reading text messaging conversations between two strangers.

    It would have to be a well designed animation program to create compelling television..

    The basic theme is interesting. How people present themselves online. Partly deception and wish fulfullment. Like making avatars of who they want to be.

    But I don’t think you can make a television show out of it.

  5. So when Ch9 picks up innovative young niche formats you all slag them and when they produce big budget mainstream material you all slag them. Everyone here needs to pick a line and stick to it! I’m no Ch9 apologist and I get that they’re having a hard time but this proves they’re at least willing to try something new.

  6. Said it before – ch 9’s direction is clear – go for bottom end programming that has no hope in hell of doing the network any favours ratings-wise.

    The only reason 9 are not 3rd all week is due to some underperforming programs on 10. But watch out 9, as 10 are closing the gap as they are not going for this sort of useless and pointless bottom end crap.

  7. Nine, you do understand that you are supposed to gain viewers, and not drive them away with such poor programming? Why dont you just buy the rerun rights of Taken Out, it will be cheaper and you will get the same amount of veiwers, Zero.

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