Magda tipped for TEN project

mszNetwork TEN has confirmed it is working on a new pop culture show, The Spearman Experiment.

According to the Daily Telegraph, insiders say the format is a pop culture clip in the vein of, but different to, Nine’s 20 to 1.

A number of Channel TEN stars including Australian Idol‘s Ian “Dicko” Dickson, Kim Watkins and Dave Hughes have been sounded out about being part of the program.

“Yes, we are working on a pop culture show called The Spearman Experiment and Magda Szubanski is one of many people we are currently in talks with,” a TEN spokeswoman confirmed.



  1. Wow, i never considered magda hosting biggest loser! What a great idea! That would be a very inspired and intelligent move if it were to happen.

  2. So would this be something in the style of Mondo Thingo – the show that Amanda Keller hosted a few years back?

    That wasn’t a bad show really – although I’ve never been a fan of Keller..I don’t find her that funny, although some do.

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