More Hot Seat for Eddie

Good news for Eddie McGuire. Nine is happy enough with Hot Seat to greenlight more episodes.

wwtbam22Channel Nine has ordered more episodes of Hot Seat for its 5:30pm timeslot.

It follows an initial order of “20 nights, $20m.”

“We are delighted with the performance of Hot Seat,” Andrew Backwell, Nine Network Director of Production and Development, said. “Hot Seat has brought an exciting new dynamic to television and increased the audience in our 5.30pm timeslot, giving a strong lead-in to Nine News at 6 o’clock.”

Despite not winning its timeslot, the game show has increased Nine’s audience share in the 5:30pm slot.

Comparing 2 weeks of Hot Seat to 7 weeks of Antiques Roadshow, Nine said its Audience Growth was up 14.3% in total people, with 18-49 up 28.2%, 16-39 up 23.6%, 25-54 up 21.2%. It didn’t issue a figure for 55+ which is not its target audience.

This week the show also gave away an impressive $100,000 to one lucky winner.

Nine declined to clarify how many episodes it was approving for this “second series”, but by that reasoning the 20 episodes rounds out the first series.

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  1. the hot seat is a very interesting show, if I would like to attend the show what are the requirements and please let me know where the show is hold, Melbourne or Sydney???

    Many thanks.

  2. Eddie and the hotseat brains got it wrong with a question answer,w/c the 18 th of may eddie asked a female ,,what was the rolling stones first hit record,,.if you call getting to number one a hit well the answer was ,,its all over in 1964 and that was not one of the answers and the costestant was given the big a .she should be brought back and eddie apologise.

  3. i think 9 are happy because they didnt really expect to crush DoND but to slowly claw away at their audience. No new show can immediately crush a successful game show which has been running for 5 years+.

  4. Up 28% in 18-49 for the 5.30 timeslot is fantastic for Nine.

    But i’d like to know what Nine station’s local 6pm newscasts are up by in demos and total people as a result of Hot Seat – as that is the whole purpose of this show.

    Nightly shares dont start till 6pm

  5. Give the show time peoples! Miracles don’t happen overnight. I’m glad Nine is persisting. It’s a good show. Hopefully the 2nd series will have some minor changes to the rules to make it no so unfair to the contestants who’ve been passed a dodgy question (no, I’m not bitter! 😉 ), but I guess putting someone on the spot is half the thrill of it, so maybe they won’t change it at all. This is great news.

  6. it’s good to see them being patient with something but did they really need to lie:
    “We are delighted with the performance of Hot Seat,” what does that say about their standards.

    the big question here is, why did they discontinue million dollar wheel when it rated the same if not better than milionaire has?

    can someone that lives in brisbane tell me if there was any promotion? it is a 5:00 show so i can understand if there wasn’t but for it to be beaten by mash is pretty bad and should be the main way that 9 should go about improving the figures.

  7. it would be more successfull if they change a few things to the format. I think every contestant should get a 50/50 maybe and another safety point is needed too. Its a huge advantage in most shows Ive seen to be the last player.
    Don’t think there is much wrong else. Mind you the time its on, most people are driving home. Eddie is good on it to far less anoying than Andrew do anything for attention O’Keefe!

    don’t know I’m not paid to come up with answers dam it im just a viewer LOL

  8. So I’m assuming the “Rumour File” on 3AW this monring was FOS by saying a new game show called “Heads or Tails”, to be hosted by one, Mr. Eddie, was being piloted. Sounded like an epic Fail that is for sure!

  9. I’m disappointed that it’s rating so poorly, but I’m glad that Nine are giving it a shot with an extra batch of episodes.

    While the new format has its flaws, and the questions are significantly easier than that of the regular series, it’s a hell of a lot more entertaining than the moronic DOND.

  10. @ Ed. As a show in its own right, and in the 5.30 slot, it is a much better alternative than crusty old Antiques. But the point of this expensive experiment was to make in roads on Deal or No Deal (it hasn’t really had an effect), and in turn give 9 News a boost – which it hasn’t. Thus far it has been a failure, and I don’t see that changing in “the second series”

  11. Pretty silly choice to commission new episodes when the current ones are having littlie if any effect on 9 news but it is 9 we are talking about they should have booted Eddie ages ago and saved themselves a whole lot of cash

  12. Better to have that on than Antiques, but won’t help their news. Why so many obsessed with the idea of lead ins when everyone has remotes and simply flicks to another channel between shows?

    If they improve the format (so that a person sitting there doing nothing all night doesn’t walk away with the money just because they can answer the last question), cut the chat and stop saying are you sure everytime a questions is locked in, etc, it might improve. At least they are giving a chance to build.

  13. @Brodie – But you’ve got to remmeber that Seven’s now dominance over Nine, didn’t just all of a sudden happen over night… It happened over time… I’m really pleased to see Nine renew Millionaire: Hot Seat, as it’s in my view a great show, much better than the lowest common denominator viewing in Deal or No Deal, and everyone’s gripes against Eddie are invalid in my view, at least he has repect for himself, unlike AOK, who goes on drunken benders. Great to see Nine think strategically, as I agree Geoff, Hot Seat will pick up more and more viewers, as people increasingly become aware of the show – I know tonnes of people who had no idea it was back!

    Oh, and before I get accused of being a Nine fanboy, I’m not a fanboy of any Nine, or any channel, I personally think its stupid favouring a channel… I mean, they’re all just as bad as one another, yet just as good as each other at the same time; they’ve all got their faults, and pros.

  14. The Hot Seat is having little, if no effect on 9 News. 9 News be marginally up this week…but so is 7 News. These increases are more likely due to colder weather and no daylight savings…rather than an expensive underperforming experiment to keep Eddie employed.

  15. Figures might be up 14.4%, but how much are costs up? I’m sure an episode of Hot Seat costs a lot more than an episode of Antics Roadshow. Do the increased costs outweigh the increased revenue?

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