Prison Break “definitely has an ending”

robert-knepper-prison-breakActor Robert Knepper, the devious T-Bag of Prison Break, has spoken about the finale of Prison Break to US entertainment show, Hollywood 411.

Without giving anything specific away he describes it as a “fitting end”.

When asked how he thought T-Bag’s story should end, he joked: “We discussed it – should he be like Hannibal Lector? Should he go off into the distance?

“Is he gonna die? Is he gonna go to prison? I think [the writers] picked the greatest one. And I can’t tell you what that is!”

Reflecting on how the series concludes, he added: “The writers have had the time to think about it, to wrap it up. This definitely has an ending.”

Prison Break‘s two-hour finale airs in the US in the next 24 hours. The remaining 8 episodes (including one double) are expected to air on Seven following the conclusion of Lost.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. They kept us guessing right through to the very end. Brilliant!!!!!! Please, no one spoil *anything* in this forum! I’m about to give the last two episodes to my sister-in-law and I’m not even going to hint at a single event – that’s the only way to watch the end of this brilliant series.

  2. Wow what a final two episodes for Prison Break….. I loved how they did it, but many fans will be cranky I am sure. Loved it, Loved it, and again, Loved it.

  3. ETA – okay found it now, July 21st (US) they will release a double ep or movie length feature which apparently is a stand alone story.

    I guess it will be online the following day 🙂

  4. This season has been the best season yet. It’s a shame that they had to wait until season 4 to pursue this story line, as it would have made a great season 2 (although ofcourse season 2 was needed to explain what happened after the escape)

  5. Looks like I’ll have to take a trip in the TARDIS to the UK on May 26th! 😉 In fact, with a TARDIS I should just zip over there right now, shouldn’t I?

    Who can wait until July for the DVD!?

  6. Glenn Petrie

    “Prison Break” is one of the best series I watched (the #1 show for me would be “24”) and the best seasons would be the first two. I don’t know about you, but I expected the fourth season to be the last, otherwise there wouldn’t be much point continuing the show if it is not set in a prison.

  7. @ryan ‘hey david can u please tell us if season 4 epiesodes 23 /24 are the prision break dvd known as the final break’.

    The episodes airing tomorrow night are E21 and E22. To the best of my knowledge, Episodes 23 and 24, titled the Final Break are scheduled to be aired in the UK on Tuesday May 26th. As far as the US goes, you will not get to see those two episodes until the DVD is released in July 2009.

    Hope this helps.


  8. I’m pretty sure I can post this much as its been revealed before…the show ends with a flashforward 5 years into the future, much like Alias and shows where certain characters ended up. The final 2 episodes which won’t air on FOX, are titled Prison Break: The Final Break, and word has it they’ll be set between the years skipped in the final episode of the show. It was originally made for a simple standalone DVD. Wikipedia also says the final 2 eps will air in the UK on SkyOne on May 26.

  9. Thank god for that. I was worried reading that they ordered 2 extra episodes to wrap things up and they won’t air them – i’m not even sure if they were even made or just written.

  10. it may have an ending, but it also has to leave stuff open for the direct to dvd release “The final break”, which is a movie to tie up the show as i understand it.

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