Prison for US Idol stalker

dianabA Melbourne woman who cyber-stalked American Idol contestant Diana DeGarmo has been jailed for 26 months.

Tanya Maree Quattrocchi, 23, pleaded guilty to stalking the 2004 runner-up by hacking into her My Space account, intercepting her emails and those of her mother and flatmate between November 2007 and January 2009.

Victorian County Court Judge Lisa Hannan described Quattrocchi’s offending as serious, especially considering the most recent was committed after she had been placed on a community-based order for stalking Ms DeGarmo only six months earlier.

Judge Hannan said the faceless stalking affected every aspect of the victim’s life, and she had no way of feeling safe and was constantly vulnerable.

She sentenced Quattrocchi to 26 months jail with a non-parole period of 12 months.

She said she took into account Quattrocchi’s guilty plea, her intellectual impairment, which had been assessed as borderline, and her recent diagnosis with Asperger’s syndrome.

Source: The Age


  1. Mikey and Nathan… quit your whinging! The woman has caused ridiculous amounts of trauma and stress to Diana and even after being charged and convicted numerous times for the same/similar offences, she still defied the law and continued to harass her – she completely and utterly deserves every single month of that sentence, in fact, I think that penalty is light when all is considered – she should have got at least 2 years non-parole.

  2. koverstreet

    Yes it does it’s more then hacking into an email account she has been making this womans life hell for years. She has been arrested multiple times,fined again and again and still continued to harass her. Even when they arrested her this last time she was in the process of sending an email pretending to be her mother! She didn’t learn so jail was the only option. If she does it again later give her a lengthier sentence until she learns her lesson.

  3. 26 months for getting into her hotmail account… Too much! People don’t get this much jail time for worse acts! The idol runner-up shouldn’t have such as easy secret question.

  4. koverstreet

    This woman is an absolute nutter! About time they locked her up although i would have put her somewhere where she can get serious psychological help.

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