Random acts of carpet-ness

Which star said they don't have Alzheimers yet? Who gushed over their network CEO? Who wants to kill off their co-star? And which exec wants to take down TV Tonight?

handaTV Tonight waded throught a non-stop cavalcade of stars (who you can see here) on the Logies Red Carpet, eager for some worthwhile news and tidbits. It was hard going.

But here’s a few random quotes, some serious, others self-deprecating. Enjoy working out which was which!

DEAN GEYER on trying his luck in LA: “I just got back from the US. I spent 3 months there doing auditions and meetings, getting to know the vibe of the town I guess. I auditioned for 20 shows. Within the first week I was auditioning. I’d never auditioned before, I’d never done an American accent, but that’s some time the best way, to get thrown in the deep end and you have to grow.”

PAUL McDERMOTT (somewhat jokingly) on his former castmates in The Doug Anthony All-Stars: “They were nice fellas for a while but the wonder of me seemed to drift over them and elevated them for quite some time. They really dragged me down. I think they’re doing well. Richard’s in Toowoomba or somewhere in Northern Queensland doing some menial labour. And Tim, I’ve got no idea. I think he’s writing. But everyone’s writing, nobody’s writing him cheques!”

RICHARD REID on working out who is who in Aussie talent: “I’ve had about two years to study. I know those Biggest Loser people.”

NATARSHA BELLING on rumours of an extended TEN News: “I’m not sure about those rumours. I’m not involved in those rehearsals. I think the more news the better. I think the strength is TEN News provides more news and analysis of issues. So I’m really pleased to be working with TEN.”

JASON COLEMAN on potential changes to So You Think You Can Dance for 2010: “Our format’s still so strong and we’re still pretty new in reality television. I think you make changes when the show gets stagnant.”

IAN SMITH on watching Neighbours since he has left: “Isn’t it funny, I watch it more now than when I was in it. I’m not just watching it because I was in it, or watching it with a professional eye, I’m watching it because I’ve become a punter. I’ve become a viewer and it’s got me in. All the more power to the new management who’ve taken over. They’ve really sucked me in, it’s great. Now I know why there’s people out there watching the show. I’m one of them.”

NICOLE DA SILVA on the second series of Rush: “We’ve found our feet now, we know what we’re doing now and what we want to achieve. And we’ve got the audience to back us up. It will be an exciting year. We’re 4 episodes into our second season and we finish up in September. So we’re well in the thick of it.”

ROWENA WALLACE on what she’s watching at the moment: “Underbelly, Packed to the Rafters, and the one that’s underground, the mining thing. Dirt Game. So I’m keeping up. I haven’t lost track. I haven’t got Alzheimer’s yet.”

NATALIE BASSINGTHWAIGHTE on her next project: “I’ve got a film, Prey, releasing on Thursday and then I’m going to have a break.”

SUSIE ELELMAN, who is filming some segments for Postcards, said of Susie: “We had 4 timeslot changes in 15 months. I think because of the affiliation with the Nine Network and fitting in all their shows as well …it’s hard when you’ve got so much programming. If you talk to Bruce Gordon it’s coming back and that’s great, he owns the network! But it won’t be this year.”

denied they were part of TEN’s upcoming 7pm show, saying: “We’ve been working on getting a spot on TV Tonight. But we don’t want to knock off anyone,” said Andy.

Hamish added, “David Mott, head of Channel TEN said, and I quote, ‘You knock off David Knox…if you get his job off TV Tonight‘ –and this is a direct quote and you can print it- ‘then I’ll give you the 7:00 slot.’ And I said come on mate, that’s really mean, and he went ‘that’s the only way you’re going to get it.'”

“‘If you meet David Knox tell him to watch his back,’ that’s what he said to us,” said Andy.

DAMIAN WALSHE-HOWLING on his next project Point Break 2: “The script I really like. It’s set in Indonesia. People are ready to bag it but I think that’s great because it will bring a lot of attention to it, and it’ll blow everyone away I think.”

KRISTIAN SCHMIDT on Sea Patrol: “It feels like I’ve never been away because I’ve been overseas and doing a bunch of other things. But it’s always nice to be back home with Sea Patrol. I can’t give too much away because every episode’s a kind of mystery / adventure. We’ve seen the first couple of episodes and it’s really enjoyable.”

RUBY ROSE on Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation: “How good is that show? I’m so excited to have done it and I want to do it as many times as I can.”

KRISTY HINZE on Project Runway Australia S2: “We started filming on Friday. It’s going really, well. The contestants are amazing, all types, very diverse, very creative.”

JULIA ZEMIRO on Eurovision: “I want France to win but I think Norway. The boy with the violin. He’s got that winning smile.”

JORDAN RODRIGUES from Home and Away: “Every day you learn 101 new things. It’s a great experience.”

JOHN WATERS on All Saints: “We’re jumping out of helicopters and doing all that kind of stuff. I enjoy both worlds now. I’m doing the same stuff in the studio as before but I get to do a bit of extra too.”

RYAN MOLONEY on lasting as long as Ian Smith on Neighbours: “I’ve got to kill off Jackie and kill off Alan and then we’re in the running. But I hope I can (last)…. I’ve got three kids to put through school.”

BILL COLLINS on who will present his Hall of Fame award: I’m not supposed to know that. It’s a surprise.

ROY BILLING on any chance of a return to Packed to the Rafters: “It was only a very small role and they never wrote me back in. They could get me back and ‘Ron Barrett’ could be running an undercover operation in the electrical world. I’ve been a working actor for many years so to do something like this (Underbelly) has been great. I’d been moderately recognised and now it’s gone through the roof.”

ROVE on the mystery 7pm show: “Me and Hamish & Andy are hosting it. There you go!”

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  1. That’s a shame. Like I said back then, I was great to hear the voice of the man whose words we read everyday. Either way, I agree with dbs you deserve your own Gold Logie!

    Also, I saw a question raised on the Logies Galley post on Sunday night which I don’t think was answered. It was do you vote in the outstanding catergories do you know some of the people who do?

    1. Sorry Ian… it’s a lot of editing work and I figured by the time I can get around to it, it’s kinda old news. I went with the text version here instead. Anything of note was included here. Nice of you to remember tho!

  2. David after reading Hamish and Andys quote I think you gunna be the next storyline for the new underbelly series, Underbelly Knox Knox Knoxing on heavens door! LOL

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