Returning: Hell’s Kitchen

Series 5 of Gordon Ramsay's US reality contest returns to the LifeStyle Channel next month.

hkOn Free to Air, he’s now only screening in Melbourne, but there’s new Gordon Ramsay coming back to the LifeStyle Channel next month.

Series 5 of Hell’s Kitchen will premiere at 8:30pm on Thursday June 11.

The fifth season premiered in the US in January 29, 2009, with 16 chefs. The winner gets an effing $250,000 prize and employment as head chef at a brand-new effing restaurant.

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  1. yes, I figured Channel 9 had stopped screening Season 2 in Sydney, after airing 5 episodes, and, since I really liked three of the contestants on that season, I went out and bought it on DVD, to finish watching the rest of it… I have Pay TV, but I missed the season when it was on there… It’s very sad watching it knowing one of the contestants on that season ended up committing suicide…

  2. Is the Lifestyle Channel playing it unbleeped? Not that I care, as Foxtel is something I can’t get even if I was foolish enough to want to 😀

    It’s quite unbelievable that Nine is still playing out season 2 (from three years ago) week by week; at least they’re now being brave enough to just stick an MA rating on it and air it intact. Not even the country the show comes from got that.

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