Returning: M. I. High

Britain's teeny spy heroes are back to thwart the Grandmaster and his S.K.U.L. cohorts on the ABC.

28There’s a new series of M. I. High coming to the ABC.

The series of British teen spies features super scientist Rose (Rachel Petadwala), enigmatic Blane (Moustafa Chousein-Oglou) and social chameleon Daisy (Bel Powley) keeping the evil Grandmaster and his S.K.U.L. cohorts at bay.

In series two the Grand Master is more power-crazed than ever, and the M.I. High agents must save the country from a strange sleeping sickness which sweeps the nation, a new cold war, and investigate a mysterious wave of crime committed by well-behaved children. While accepting an award at MI9, the team witness the mysterious disappearance of the new American President during a magician’s act. Must have been wishful thinking during the Bush years?

It returns Monday June 1st at 5:00pm on ABC1.

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