Returning: Missing Persons Unit. Gone: Eleventh Hour. Bumped: Underbelly

More changes to Nine's Monday and Tuesday line up as it seeks to prop up the early part of the week.

11hour1More changes from Nine Inc. indicate Eleventh Hour is to go, replaced on Monday June 1st by the return of Missing Persons Unit at 9:30pm.

On Tuesdays, the Underbelly Uncut repeats from series one are removed to be replaced by movies, Wedding Crashers (2005) with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan.

Underbelly moves to Mondays in Sydney and Brisbane at 10:30pm Monday June 1st while Melbourne (and other ‘AFL states’) have Footy Classified. Melbourne is still constrained by only being able to air 5 (edited) episodes anyway.

This leaves CSI: NY out of schedule on Mondays in Sydney / Bris.

What will be most interesting with Missing Persons Unit is seeing who the narrator is, given it has been Mike Munro, who is now entrenched at Seven.

No changes to homeMADE as yet….

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  1. Once again an excellent show canceled. I don’t know who makes these decisions but I think you need to replace them.
    Eleventh Hour was very entertaining and I looked forward to seeing it. I can’t be the only one that feels that way.
    Please rethink on canceling such a good program.

    Thank you

  2. Nine will, like every other free to air station, choose money over content. If they can’t get the ad companies on board, say goodbye to the show. Really why pay for a great overseas show when you can get a re-run or fourth rate local production made by and staring your mates…gotta keep Aussies in jobs. Anyone wonder why few australian actors make it big OS they suck as does most of the local content on TV, there for the football watching, beer swilling, common dumb scroat.

  3. I remember the days of TV in the late 90’s when I actually used to watch a full season of a show, with only Easter break being the main interuption. I also remember the days where I used to watch Nine when it had quality programs.

  4. This is beyond a joke now. Nine need to completely wipe their entire line-up and start from scratch. How can they go an entire year, axing, swapping, re-running shows every few weeks? This network is absolutely hopeless. Their arrogance has got to them. “Still the one”. They believed they were better than they were, and showed no respect to their viewers. Now look at em.

  5. This is exactly why I did not give 11th hour a go. I knew it would be bumped if it did not perform. So what was the point. I am sure I was not the only one who thought this.

    This is going to happen with everything 9 tries now, so they have to face that reality and just leave original shows on regardless (not talking about repeats, and start building from bottom up.

    Agree Tue night needs fixing at 9, that movie is always on and will fail as well. Don’t they get first run on FTA movies anymore? Might work at 8.30?

  6. So what’s happened to the remaining episodes of the season of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Channel 9 is/was screening on Tuesday nights??? … They’re up to the Top 6 on the show, and I want to watch the rest of it, not movies…

  7. Great to see missing persons comeback wonder who will be the host/narrator now that mike Munroe is missing from 9 please not peter overdone or moonface

    Ok as for homemade anyone care to place any bets on how much longer it will last on Tuesdays I will say that this coming Tuesday will be its last

  8. Good move with Missing Persons Unit at 9.30 Mondays. Eleventh Hour should move into Sundays at 10.30 when The Evidence concludes.

    But Nine need to fix their Tuesdays from 7.30-9.30. The whole lineup is very poor.

  9. Hands up to anyone that thought nine was going to air the full season, uninterupted, and in the correct episode order of eleventh hour? No….. no takers?
    Not surprising really that it has already been given the boot, pretty much the same or similar thing happened to fringe, I guess nine needs shows to put on it’s 2nd HD channel when it is launched later this year(along with weeds, curb your enthusiasm season 6 etc etc).

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