Returning: Sea Patrol

As widely speculated, Sea Patrol will move into the slot vacated by Underbelly, from mid-May.

lisaspAs widely speculated, Sea Patrol returns for its third season at 8:30pm Monday May 18 on Nine.

It returns with Lisa McCune, Ian Stenlake and Saskia Burmeister plus regular crew members Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Buffer), Matt Holmes (Swain), John Batchelor (Charge), Jay Ryan (Spider), Kristian Schmid (RO) and Kirsty Lee Allan (Bomber). Joining them is new a crew member in Nikolai Nikolaeff. Robert Coleby from the ABC’s Patrol Boat (1979 – 1983) series will also appear.

Dubbed “Red Gold” the title refers to the deep-sea red fan coral whose weight is worth ‘more than gold.’

The series has once more been filmed with the co-operation of The Royal Australian Navy, supplying production with numerous vessels and crews, including the $60 million Armidale-class patrol boat which plays the role of HMAS Hammersley.

The last series averaged 1.4 million across its series and with less eyeballs hooked to Desperate Housewives than there were twelve months ago,  Nine’s drama should be well placed in the 8:30 Monday timeslot.

Nine is also teasing a “Who Will Die?” promo for the show.

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  1. xo might die in ep 8 hope she does not but if she does the man that she loves will cry out all his tears and burst into tears. please dont die xo nav or bomber. they would be sad and cry. co said he might marry her in the show.

  2. Sea Patrol started off terribly I must say – but there was an improvement last season so I will be tuning in again this season. It’s not groundbreaking drama but it is a solid well made family show and I think it should be supported for that.

    I’m betting 1.57 for episode 1.

  3. The timeslot has been warmed up quite nicely for it, but the difference is Underbelly skews everyone – old and young. Sea Patrol, like All Saints, skews very old. I’d expect to see many of those Underbelly viewers either dissapear or migrate back to Housewives or GNW.

  4. Looks like a great series this year & robert coleby makes an interesting addition to the cast.

    Wasn’t that guy from Neighbours (forgot his name) supposed to be in it this season?

  5. I dont think the people who are watching underbelly fit into the same group as the people who would watch sea patrol, like me! Id predict DH numbers to go back to pre underbelly figures.
    As for the 10.30 monday on 7, i thought 30 rock was going to be moved forward?

  6. if 9 couldn’t win the week with underbelly they will do even worse with this, they have nothing decent on offer anymore and the viewers are finally waking up to this and changing channel. they need to completely change the whole network and its programming trends if they want to stand any hope of not losing this year massively.

  7. Not a shock to have Patrol Boat, I mean Sea Patrol back on Mondays.

    But there are still questions as to how long 11th Hour will last considering it’s unlikely to come back for a 2nd season in the US.

  8. My bet would be on CSI NY as well or Cold Case comes forward.

    If they had any sense, they’d already have Er, Survivor, etc on their dead Tuesday night. Maybe these shows will turn up on the new channel.

  9. Im interested in how Housewives will go against this. Last year, they fought and fought with Sea Patrol usually sitting on 1.4 mil winning almost every week, housewives fluttered around 1.35 mil, and occasionally winning with the big events like the tornado. Its safe to say Underbelly bashed housewives badly, but i wonder if the same people watching Underbelly will want to watch Sea Patrol. if not they may perhaps move off back to housewives bringing its numbers up a bit more, round 1.2 -1.3 mil, with Sea Patrol still winning of course but by a closer margin. my theory anyways

  10. I wonder what Nine will place in the Wed 8.30 slot, Mentalist only has 5 eps to go before its season finale. I’m guessing CSI:Miami may pop up here, unless they decide to actually please the fans and play ER, Survivor or Without a Trace instead.

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