Returning: The Biggest Loser (US). Bumped: Harper’s Island. Gone: The Office

TEN makes changes to its Sunday line-up which is good news for fans of Bob & Jillian but not so good for Steve Carrell.

bjWell, that didn’t take long.

Only yesterday this site speculated that US drama Harper’s Island was likely to sink.

Today TEN  replaced it with the US version of The Biggest Loser, effective from 9:40pm this Sunday.

Harper’s Island moves to the ludicrous time of 1:25am Monday, which means The Office is (again) out of schedule.

May 24:
8:30pm Rove (As Scheduled)
9:40pm The Biggest Loser
11:10pm Formula One Grand Prix
1:25am Harper’s Island
2:25am Video Hits Up-Late

May 31:
8:30pm Rove
9:40pm The Biggest Loser
11:10pm Harper’s Island
12:10am Moto GP
2:25am Video Hits Up-Late

This week Harper’s Island took just 425,000 viewers. The show hasn’t exactly fired in the US either. Shame, it was a fun idea…

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  1. This is exactly why Ten completly fails…who wants to watch a bunch of fatties over a well devised slasher story/horror.

    In my honest opinion they should just axe the manager of 10….bloody fail…complete fail.

  2. that is so stupid!

    How could they replace harper’s island (which i was very much looking forward to watching) with the biggest loser (US)? There have been wwwaaayyyy too many seasons of that and i am just sick of it, i’d rather eat dirt than watch the biggest loser (US). Very big mistake to bump harper’s island to the ridiculous time of 1.25 a.m!

  3. At least I’ll now be able to watch Castle while still taping CSI.
    …This is what I get for not staying current with TV Tonight. Was ready to watch tonights ep, only to be whacked in the face with yet another TBL.

  4. i cant beleive they put hapers island on at that time!
    it really shows how much channel 10 sucks
    nobody wants to watch the US series of the biggest loser, the australian one is boring enough
    i hat eyou channel 10

  5. i like the idea of the show harpers island, if you are going to take it away from where any one with a job can watch it after only 2 shows then why bother starting.
    you guys suck, all the good shows end up at 2 am while crap ends up in prime time.

  6. Why can’t 10 just do the right thing, and give up the rights to all their remaining scripted shows ,so shows can get local DVD release, or run on pther networks and just broadcast reality tv shows?, Then we can just remove them from our tv tuners altogether, like already done with their HD and SD sports channels.

    10 clearly aims for the 18 – 49 with an IQ under 100 demographic

  7. I think it’s stupid that they have moved harpers island to another time. I liked it personally and could not care less about watching a bunch of fat american people losing weight, the australian series just finished and its all the same stuff. at least harpers island was a bit unique

  8. That sucks about harper’s island after only 2 episodes.

    It really says alot about Australian TV networks when they can’t even commit to a small 13 week run of a show.

    It’s almost impossible to watch a whole series on AUS TV these days, the way they move and cut things and skip episodes, it’s just not good enough.

  9. Now they are gonna show “Harper’s Island” at the same time “24” is on (at other channel)…
    I like both programma’s, but Jack Bauer stays favorite 😉

    Loss for channel 10

    Really Stupid!

  10. @itsross: I think you’re refering to JP there. I’ve only seen snippets of US Office here and there. Ironically one of the first full eps I did watch was last Sunday after Harper’s. Very funny I thought.

  11. Biggest Loser US will do worse than Harpers. Competition too tough at 9.30 Sundays. Its a good idea to show the US versions of Aussie shows as we hear so much about them in all the US talk shows but not necessarily in prime time.

    Dancing with the Stars US for example features actual celebrities and may do well over here too.

  12. can someone please answer the follwing questions

    1 what season of TBL is aring on Sunday is it new
    2 why not move harpers great showv that it is to fridays once life on mars finishs
    3 why the late time slot of 125 am

  13. Ten shouldn’t have botherd with Harper’s Island this Sunday, they should have waited a week till the earlier timeslot came available – or perhaps waited till Life on Mars finished and then put it at 10.30 Fridays.

  14. neil webb, Neighbours is actually an Australian show (so counts for the quota), not just filler bought in from overseas.

    That and it is an Australian institution, and has been spreading the word of Australia to many places all over the world for many years.

    Anyway, I love Smallville and am sad for it’s loss from 10 (who knows when it will get up to the new episodes on FOX8) but I never said they to get rid of Neighbours for Smallville. It wouldn’t fit and be heavily censored if it was to go in it’s place. Same thing goes for Harpers Island – censored and wouldn’t fit ( and which was also only about 13 episodes so would run for only a bit over 2 weeks even if it was able to replace Neighbours).

  15. If channel TEN are going to dump the office, then dump it for good. dont keep bringing it back a few weeks later. That way they can release the DVDs. Those of us who want to watch it can buy the DVD rather than waiting for TEN to decide when to show it.

  16. Is there any chance that further episodes of The Office will continue to be released on the Australia ITunes store? I’ve been looking forward to season 5, but it seems now those episodes will be delayed online as well.

  17. @ Paulie,
    Probably because 10 would prefer to show Info Crap at 2am, rather than a episode of the office, maybe it would be cheaper for them to show the infocrap rather than a episode of a TV show. 😀

  18. Why do I bother to watch anything new on channel ten , watch 2 episodes of something and enjoy it ….than it’s gone !!
    Why don’t they get rid of the tired Neighbours ?

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