Returning: The Biggest Loser (US). Bumped: Harper’s Island. Gone: The Office

TEN makes changes to its Sunday line-up which is good news for fans of Bob & Jillian but not so good for Steve Carrell.

bjWell, that didn’t take long.

Only yesterday this site speculated that US drama Harper’s Island was likely to sink.

Today TEN  replaced it with the US version of The Biggest Loser, effective from 9:40pm this Sunday.

Harper’s Island moves to the ludicrous time of 1:25am Monday, which means The Office is (again) out of schedule.

May 24:
8:30pm Rove (As Scheduled)
9:40pm The Biggest Loser
11:10pm Formula One Grand Prix
1:25am Harper’s Island
2:25am Video Hits Up-Late

May 31:
8:30pm Rove
9:40pm The Biggest Loser
11:10pm Harper’s Island
12:10am Moto GP
2:25am Video Hits Up-Late

This week Harper’s Island took just 425,000 viewers. The show hasn’t exactly fired in the US either. Shame, it was a fun idea…

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  1. This is the reason why I buy all my DVDs in Bali, Thailand and other 3rd world countries. At least I actually get to watch the show but also 5 years before it’s screened in Australia with the way Australian TV is!

  2. Geez channel ten what are you thinking?!? The Office is one of the most underrated shows in Australia. I love the show so much and taking it on and off air all the time is insane!!

    Why would you stop playing the show mid-season? They done the same thing for season 3 and that whole part 1 and 2 dvd garbage happened. Treat the show with the respect it deserves!!

    I wish ten would just axe it so we just got the DVD’s earlier. It’s stupid for the aussie office fans to wait for channel ten.

    I admit that I do watch biggest loser US but I would give it up for the Office any day.

  3. I just got into Harper’s Island then that stupid reality show took over. Channel 10 you are hopeless. My kids only watch pay TV because it is more reliable, maybe if Harper’s Island was on Fox it would do much better as all the other show that Channel 10 take off. I am the same as Tepee all the shows I get into get taken off. Thank God for Foxtel!!!

  4. It seems that Ten has again changed its schedule. According to my EPG here in Sydney Harper’s Island will again be shown at 1:25 am, with the Moto GP to start at 11:10 pm tonight.

  5. Hmm… C10 wastes a pile of money advertising a show that it puts on for two episodes and replaces it with a show it barely advertises, smart marketing that. Why replace a completely new show (Harper’s Island – which is not on up in Brsibane at all now) and another popular one (the Office) with a show that has essentially just been on. Did anyone notice in the first episode that the couples were the same as the aussie version? I won’t be watching it, I only had the other on for background noise at the most.

  6. I am so angry about harpers timeslot being moved! i actually really enjoyed the first two episodes… its not a fantastic show but it is addictive and i enjoy it… its a bit different to other shows airing at the moment and when i couldn’t find it this week i was dissapoingted so i went searching tonight and found this page… i am so angry at channel ten now… more american reality tv to replace a show like harpers island? really? i have lost so much respect for channel 10 now

  7. I hate all commercial TV stations who don’t give decent programs a chance to get a following. I only saw the second ep of Harpers Island and decided I wanted to give it a go. Then imagine as many others experienced we are Force Fed Yank Fatties! Cheap and nasty reality shows who we mimic then import! PS yes will miss the Office too which has never been given a decent chance to thrive in Oz. I hate CH 10

  8. Harpers Island was a good program.
    and it was at a good time.
    im not sitting up till 11:10 on a school night just becasue of the biggest loser.
    If Channel 10 wanted people to watch Hapers Island then they should of put it at an earlier time and advertised it better instead of giving it 2 chances.
    Its so unfair that you play 2 eposides and then cut it just like ‘90210’.
    This is not good!!
    No one cares about the US biggest loser!!
    Its boring and we all knows what happens.
    Thanks for nothing.

  9. maybe harpers island didnt fare well this week cos some douchebag at ch 10 decided it would be great to play it at 1.25. umm last time i checked- most people work and dont stay up till the wee hours of the morning of a sunday night.

  10. They could put harpers island on earlier…….

    last week ten put on some grand prix highlights at 11.10pm after the biggest loser usa. the same grand prix highlights that were showing at the same time on their digital sports channel.

    and then they put hapers on afterwards at 1.25am…

    the whole point of that channel is to show sport.. why do they have to put the same obsure race on the normal ‘ten’ channel?

    i dont understand. According to the guide in todays herald sun its going to happen again this week too.

    why do they need to show car racing?

    Ten acts like its surpised hapers didnt rate well.. It didnt rate well in the us either…they were supid enough to get the series … the least they could do is let the few people that like it watch it…

  11. Well this is annoying. Who wants to watch us biggest loser……This is why Australian tv sucks….was just getting into this show and it gets moved to a ridiculous time slot and will prob get moved again. i will just wait for the dvd and watch it all then….like i now do with most tv shows. If programmers can’t buy decent shows to start with then don’t replace it with more crap!!!

  12. Sooooo not happy about Harpers being moved… didn’t even know it was moved until reading this (i taped it, but obviously not) so now i have missed an episode, so Not Happy Jan! Bye-bye Channel 10, will not miss you Ever!

  13. I hope Channel 10 has the courtesy to programme a double eposide of Harpers Island this coming Sunday night in its new graveyard time slot. Showing eposide 3 and 4 together would show that Channel 10 might just care about its viewers.

  14. Channel ten you suck, your such a bunch of tools. I and my hubby am sick of these shows being rescheduled. who the hell has the right at channel ten to tell us what programs are 10/10. Harpers island was fine exactly what my hubby and i like to watch and along with many other programs (toooo many to list) channel tool heads ten decide that they dont like it. I cant stand the fact that you replaced it with biggest loser US i cant stand this type of tv it such a negative experience. no wonder people are recording shows they like late at night because after 7:30 most of it is total crap.

  15. I cannot believe that Channel 10 have done it to me again!!!! I was really getting into Harpers Island and was sooo looking forward to it last night, now I will have to try to tape it. First it was Burn Notice, then Dexter and now Harpers Island…… maybe I should just download them all on the net instead of trying to watch anything on channel 10…

  16. I have been hanging out for harpers island, confused the hell out of me it wasn’t on, now I missed one.
    officially hate channel 10, thanx heaps for ruining a decent sunday night, for yet another biggest loser, honestly does any1 care about how much weight people lose.

  17. thanks 10 for stuffing up my sunday night viewing,i was looking forward to harpers island all week ,now i’ve not only missed a episode i am forced to watch it at a stupid time from now on,you guys suck.

  18. I am soooooo sick of Channel 10 advertising shows that I am actually interested in and then only showing a couple episodes before axing it. I think the timeslot after rove is cursed.
    First it was Dexter, and man I loved that show, and now Harpers Island I was just starting to get into it!
    I am seriously considering abandoning channel 10 after 7pm every night. the only things that channel have going for them is the simpsons, neighbours and rove.
    Not Happy

  19. Umm, at some point the bozo’s at the networks are going to wake up and realise that a) if you think the stuff ain’t gonna fly with a local audience, DON’T programme it and b) Don’t waste huge sums on advertising it and c) then give Australians 2 episodes before dumping it.

    Try introducing riskier content In The Office season – you bloody pack of clowns!

    Obviously the advertisers did not like the content and didn’t want their stuff to be screened around it. Then how about bringing back the good old Sunday Night Horrors and whacking it on at 11.45 as a 13 ep special to be replaced with some other equally creepy series or one offs. At least if they are packaged up that way, advertisers can do some tactical around it.

    If free to air is going to survive in this country, where every episode of everything can be ripped, then for goodness sake, wake up – advertisers won’t advertisers if thre are no viewers. Viewers are being treated so damn poorly, it’s no wonder we are leaving FTA in droves.

  20. Why can’t channel 10 commit fully to a program, 2 episodes in and already it has been moved to a different time slot. Doesn’t that station have someone capable of planning their programming. Very disappointed.

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