Rove: May 10 / 17

lovegame1A good list of guests this weekend for Rove, includes two US stars, Jennifer Garner, Matthew McConaughey, plus Gina Riley and a performance by Wes Carr singing ‘Feels Like Woah’ (what’s with that title?).

A week later he has Frank Woodley, and Lady GaGa performing ‘Love Game’.”


  1. Remember when we used to have quality international guests on chat shows. Now we have movie promos and music videos.

    Rove’s show must take the award for have more hosts/regulars on the couch each show than real “guests” and they still seem to be desperate for quality material!

  2. Fingers crossed Lady Gaga’s performance will be better than her last one on Rove.

    I was kinda hoping she would be performing Poker Face though, I love how she performed it on American Idol and The Paul O’Grady Show.

    Looking forward to Gina Riley too. 😀

    Looks like the next couple of shows will be pretty good.

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