Seven plays party pooper

logies-310Dan Ilic, who directed the effervescent Kate McLennan in those cheeky ‘Race for Gold’ sketches on Sunday, let slip that not everyone was happy to take part in the clips.

“Each of the networks has a representative,” he told TV Tonight. “Nine, TEN and the ABC who are represented for the Gold Logie. The only network that’s not represented is Seven because they didn’t like the creative.”

Adam Hills, Simone Jade-McKinnon and Ian Smith were amongst those who participated in sending themselves up. Smith was especially funny in his sketch. But where was Rebecca Gibney or Kate Ritchie?

Seems the network wasn’t seeing the funny side, leaving Ilic and his team to come up with a clip without any Seven stars. Guess that’s why we saw someone in a koala suit…..?

“So no Kate, no Rebecca but still a funny sketch. You’ll still laugh,” said Ilic.


  1. THese sketches were about as funny as Gretel’s opening monologue…completely died…Seven did the right thing here. If the Logies was going to do sketches why didn’t they get actually funny known people to do them.

  2. i didn’t think they were funny at all either.

    do we know why rove, nat, and denton weren’t involved. i guess denton never seems to want anyhting to do with the logies he didn’t even submit a response to his gold nomination for the ninemsn voting page.

  3. those sketches were among the rare positives from Logies night. The Seven sketch worked even without the stars in it.

    but why is it that Seven is happy to win awards and get loads of free PR from it all but won’t let their stars be involved in it (red carpet, sketches)

  4. Wise move Seven. All of the so called “comic” spots on Sunday night put the brave talent who were roped in to them on the spot. They all ended up with egg on their faces from being lumped with totally embarrassing material. I think Seven were right to not put their talent through the ordeal. ” “You’d stil laugh”, says Ilic.” I didn’t Mr Ilic. Not once. But I frequently squirmed with embarrassment for the poor performers being put through the ordeal of ill conceived comic set pieces.

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