Sky News sacks John Gatfield

gatfield-2Veteran news presenter John Gatfield has been sacked by Sky News, according to MediaSpy.

The website quotes a post, claimed to be written by Gatfield himself, which says Sky’s Angelos Frangopoulos told him his services were no longer following his shift at 6pm on Wednesday.

Gatfield believes the dismissal is part of a change in direction for Sky News and that “I was to be the first of several people” being sacked. It is believed he has been let go to make way for Jim Waley.

“So after almost 14 years, that’s it. That’s what it means to have worked harder than I was ever asked to do,” he wrote. “That’s what it means to have cancelled annual leave to go to Melbourne for the bushfires. That’s what it means to have volunteered to work on a day off on ANZAC Day to provide live coverage – without a dollar or a day in lieu.

“That’s what it means to have done my best to support my colleagues and especially to give some guidance to younger journalists. That’s what it means to have spent all those years trying to lift and maintain standards in simple things like spelling, grammar, and accuracy.”

UPDATED: News Director Angelos Frangopoulos told The Australian today Gatfield had left Sky News because “it was undergoing a restructure,” adding, “There will be more announcements in coming weeks.

“John Gatfield left and we thank him for his service.” However Frangopoulos would not be drawn on any further appointments to the 24-hour news channel. He said there had been “no announcements made” about hiring Jim Waley or former Nine news director Ian Cook.

Jim Waley also told the newspaper he was talking to several outlets about returning to work. “If the right opportunity presents itself I would consider it,” he aid. “It is flattering that people are interested in me. Once a news junkie always a news junkie.”

He said there had been “no announcements made” about hiring Jim Waley or former Nine news director Ian Cook.

TV Tonight sought comment from Sky News.

Source: MediaSpy, The Australian


  1. I always wondered when he was going to get pushed, because of the occasional temper tantrum or that time he got harsh on the socialist-collective girl who came into the studio and couldn’t really explain her position. It was a funny yet uncomfortable moment.


  2. My advice John, is based on your long experience, if you don’t mind moving overseas, you won’t have a problem getting hired by Sky Europe, or by CNN anywhere around the world.

    I’m not a Foxtel subscriber, but if they’re looking to cut costs, do they really need a 24 hour Sky Business channel. If they’e looking to cut costs, I’d merge the Sky Business channel into Sky News and incorporate business news and business programs into the Sky news bulletins.

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