Skyhigh stunt for 7HD

7hd1Not sure what to make of this little marketing stunt that saw 7HD marked out by skywriting in Sydney.

Apparently it wasn’t commissioned, or paid for, by Seven, who suspects it was a skywriting company being creative or pitching for business.

Lucky for Seven.

Either way it probably didn’t go down too well at Channel Nine’s Willoughby carpark, which is where this photo was snapped.

Any further info on this one, please share with TV Tonight



  1. Not photoshop, I was joggin round Centennial Park on Sunday as it was being created. At first I thought it was a ‘1’ because of the angle I was looking at it from but eventually realised it was the Seven logo. Surprised Seven had nothing to do with it though.

  2. I saw it on Saturday from Annandale. And who cares if it was visible from the channel nine car park it would have been seen from all the other stations car parks as well.

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