Sneak Peek: Melrose Place

First peek at the new look Melrose. Romance, liars, cheaters, bad behaviour, the pool -and Laura Leighton.

melrose-setAs we know the Melrose Place remake has been confirmed for the CW network. It’s got a lot to live up to.

Seen here is Katie Cassidy (Taken, Harper’s Island) as a publicist who will share a same sex kiss in the pilot episode.

But in the teaser clip here, Laura Leighton as ‘Sydney’ back on screen looks like she has lost no sense of her wicked style. Of course, this is a character who was already bumped off many years ago, so you’d have to throw logic out the door if you were going to buy into this anyway. Whether the concept of having her back can the distance or not remains to be seen.

And wait for the last shot.

Tuesday night’s a bitch.

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  1. It’ll be interesting seeing how this fares for Ten, who’ll have the rights,
    but they may want to wait to see how it’s received, before fast tracking it.
    90210 failed with Aus viewers, as it had dull, mediocre characters and
    writing and didn’t contain any of the elements that made the original
    90210 successful.

  2. so big deal…they bring back Michael and Sydney… i loved watching the original melrose.. the original cast were awesome.. this has the “Paris Hilton” factor stamped all over it (yawn)…. bring back Kimberly !!!

  3. OMG……..Without giving it away unless u watch the clip………….H eis back……………..love love love…Can’t wait, Just hope a network will pick it up.

    I remember every Tuesday night it was a must to watch, lets hope its as trashy as the last one……Bring It On!!!!!

  4. Nothing particularly interesting about reviving this concept. Laura Leighton will probably make a good cougar but I think Courtney Cox may be a better cougar in her new series Cougar Town. I’m not kidding. That’s a real show on ABC next season.

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