Survivor heading for Samoa

survivor-jeff-probst1Survivor has just announced its next location: Samoa.

The 19th season will be see a return to an ocean location and follows the conclusion of Survivor: Tocantins in Brazil.

This now puts Australia two full seasons behind the US (Survivor: Gabon being the other).

The reveal of the next location, however, was leaked on the internet when tourists found their bookings had been cancelled by a resort hotel in order to accommodate the Survivor production crew.

A post on one messageboard said their wedding had been relocated after a resort would close from June to September.

The New Zealand Herald reported that Flight Centre said 300 of its customers were affected. A spokeswoman said they were trying to relocate them to other islands and many were rebooking for Australia.

The season is due to air in the US Fall season.

Source: NZ Herald, Survivor Samoa


  1. I have just returned from the US (October 21st) I saw 4 episodes of Survivor Samoa….its fanastic….come on Nine network lets have it shown here Now!

  2. ive given up on trying to see 17th and 18th season so i hope they skip straight to 19-samoa so they keep nine has said they will air them but im starting to get dissappointed

  3. Who cares who is a die hard fan or not. Obviously there is some interest or we wouldn’t keep asking. Fancy wasting bandwidth on reality TV.

  4. You are definitely right about die-hard fans there Henry. As for people like Natasha…they’re clearly not a die-hard fan. If Survivor isn’t important enough to be selected as one of their downloads, then clearly it doesn’t matter to them.

    As for me……Survivor Gabon and Tocantins have been two amazing back to back seasons, just like China and Micronesia, it’s been a great long peak. Nine are idiots.

    And they’ll be even stupider if they don’t just go straight into Samoa this summer. They’re clearly not happy showing Survivor until summer, so that’s how long you guys will have to wait. I just hope they show Samoa for you guys…

    But even if they don’t, trust me, Gabon turns out to be one fantastic season.

  5. Perhaps they are saving all this content for future SD channels. I hear the names “Shine” and “Lime” are being tossed around as names for the new Nine offspring. I’m partial to the name “Lime”. Considering Seven are more than likely to be using “Red” as the name of one of their channels, I’d be willing to bet Nine will want to be colourful too.

  6. If this site has any contact with Nine programmers, for God’s sake keep on their arse about Survivor. Now we’re two seasons behind, and its getting crazy.

  7. I wouldn’t be holding my breath waiting for Survivor to appear on Nine’s new channel. GO!99, as indicated by the black and white logo and the initials standing for Golden Oldies, won’t be showing first run material. Nine has already stated it won’t be programming anything that will seriously detract from the fare on their main channel. What they are showing now on the HD channel should be a guide to what you will get from GO!99- classic sitcoms and dramas, second rate movies and time shifted “encore” screenings. As the name suggests, you should GO to bit torrent if you want to see fresh Survivor.

  8. ITA David it’s most likely to come up on their 2nd SD.

    Which is pathetic, put it on late night and let those who want it to record it, why have Ellen on a repeat when it could be Survivor or any one of the shows Nine has yanked off the air.

  9. I wonder if Nine will launch right into Survivor: Samoa or Survivor 20 when their HD channel is launched. Both Gabon and Tocantins provided magnificent sweeping plains and dunes which would of been perfect for High Def, but given that they’ve completed their broadcast, I can’t see why fans will stay up till graveyard hours to watch an older season. Die hard fans would be following the US run anyway; fast tracking the latest series would be the only way to recuperate ratings.

  10. I wonder where Survivor 20’s gonna be? America, where they shoot the entire season in a studio and have the finale on a island, not the other way round!

    Why? The way 9’s going, Survivor 20 will have aired in the US, before we see #18.

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