Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation

Mind the gap. Shaun Micallef's new panel show pops with its love of pop culture and celebrity panellists.

talkinbygPanel shows are all the rage. When they really fire -as many have on the ABC- they become good audience pullers and make economic sense. No expensive location or top heavy script departments here.

Commercial television hasn’t always managed to hit the magic formula. Todd McKenney and You May Be Right anyone? Glenn Robbins and Out of the Question anyone? It’s a sad but true state of affairs.

Good News Week, which was born on the ABC, and the now defunct The Panel, are two commercial exceptions,  both TEN brands, along with Nine’s long-running Footy Show.

Now TEN is attempting a new format, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation. Hosted by the wry Shaun Micallef, it pits three teams representing Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. In the first episode those teams comprise Amanda Keller & George Negus, Charlie Pickering & Arj Barker and Josh Thomas & Ruby Rose.

Each faces a series of challenges -verbal, visual and physical- designed to arrive at the smartest pair. In reality it’s more to ramp up the interplay and punchlines between the cast, like all good game / panel shows. Despite the clunky title, it does so pretty well.

Micallef hosts with his usual self-deprecating style. He deconstructs while glorifying television at the same time. There are jokey asides about lazy producers who couldn’t come up with a better title for segments. Matching him well is Amanda Keller -it will be great to see them both back on the box.

Pickering adds a streetwise edge to the show and Thomas’ meek humour should be a nice complement.

The pop-culture challenges themselves are unapologetically simple. It won’t burn too many brain cells trying to determine a Doctor Who t-shirt from a The Simpsons t-shirt. The interplay allows for some fun derision between older and younger participants. Keller and Negus adopt ‘parental’ roles. Josh Thomas is unfamiliar with Bewitched. Charlie Pickering can attack both sides with ease and Micallef can either pick and choose his targets or adopt the school principal role.

There is a humility here that sits neatly alongside The Einstein Factor and game shows that don’t overshoot their role in the world.

While there will doubtless be debate about the numerical definitions of each generation, Keller seems a little on the youthful side to be representing Baby Boomers. What could the show have been with a more senior figure?

The set is a sparse arrangement of podiums and multi-purpose screen, with Rubik’s Cube-inspired patterns behind Micallef, a basketball ring and a roll-a-door. Unlike Adam Hills and Paul McDermott’s central role, Micallef looks to be quite some distance from his subjects.

The real test for the show will be one of length. At sixty minutes it could outstay its welcome. ABC panel shows nearly always get in and get out within 30 minutes. Stretched to sixty, with advertisements, could be pushing the friendship.

As to who deserves credit for the show, it’s a bit of a mystery. Yet again TEN directs viewers to its website for show credits, but so far they aren’t listed.

Nevertheless, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation looks set to be a shamelessly trivial pursuit with some warm and witty panellists.

4_starsTalkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation premieres 7:30pm Tuesday on TEN.

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  1. I agree 100% with NCG and Scott Jay – this show was obviously not rehearsed & lacks any kind of structure & more importantly; humour! I’m a baby boomer & a huge Shaun Micalleff fan since that terrible 7 network show Full Frontal, but he is just downright annoying & unfunny in this underdone & overhyped Spicks & Specks/Good News Week wannabe. Notes to Shaun: You’re supposed to be the MC/host, so lead a little bit & stop everyone talking over each other at the same time – very annoying & unprofessional!

  2. While I compared this to general knowledge spics and specks – I and my family liked it. There were questions for all the family and answers from all the family, The banter was good and we all laughed a lot. Keep it coming – we will be regular watchers

  3. The show was good, funny and it was fun to play along trying to answer the questions, especially as a genY, needless to say I did bett than Josh & Ruby. Love Ruby tho

  4. One hour is far to long to hold an audience. Game shows need to be snappy programs with a sense of urgency. One particular segment is sickningly an obvious ripoff of another quiz show, which is shameful in the least.
    If this show is not rained back to 30minutes it will suffer an early demise.

  5. I don’t see why people are hating on Shaun Micallef.

    I agree with Tony, Shaun really is one of the country’s best talents.

    Whoever are unfamiliar with Micallef – then watch the Micallef Programme, and it might just change your mind. Very naturally witty and intelligent guy.

  6. I have always been a Shaun Micallef fan, but I am also very critical of panel/game shows. My verdict, though, is that I loved it!

    For a first episode, where they are finding their feet, it did an excellent job, and I hope it lasts. I think you may be right that an hour is too long, though. But if it manages a few episodes under its belt, and Shaun’s jokes don’t start to pall, I think there’s a good chance it could do almost as well as Spicks and Specks.

    Josh whatsisface wasn’t very good, though. They should keep Ruby Rose as the regular instead. Everyone else, including the guests, were excellent.

  7. Bruce – It wouldn’t work without Micallef. I love how his style of comedy can sometimes catch you off-guard. I’m enjoying the show so far. Quite enjoyable to play along with, in the same way that Spicks & Specks is (or Good News Weeks before they killed it).

  8. Russell – Same old comedians?? Micalleff and Amanda sure, but Charlie and Josh are hardly old comedians.

    And in terms of credits…not really suprised that you can’t find them given the show hasn’t aired yet.

  9. was anyone else annoyed about the horrible pop up ad for this show, it came up during the simpsons on saturday and it takes up a a 3rd of the screen. Horrible work ten, as if I wasn’t already aware of this show airing this week with your numerous ads for it, no need to place in-show ads which annoy the viewer.

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