TEN tops Tuesday

talkin-bout-on-set-shaun-2On the strength of NCIS, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation and MasterChef Australia, Network TEN won Tuesday night with a rather magnificent 30.2% share.

It bettered Seven’s dominant line up, which managed 28.9% and blew Nine out of the water on a lowly 21.9%.

NCIS was the night’s top show with 1.62m and Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation followed on 1.61m. The new panel show has held its audience for 3 weeks now -some significant comfort to TEN after it lost Thank God You’re Here. As the #1 show of last week, it even beat TEN’s former property.

While The Zoo certainly performed on 1.47m, Nine now has to make some tough decisions on homeMADE which managed just 862,000. Sandwiched in between two eps of Two and a Half Men, it dipped in between both shows and only just beat The 7:30 Report. Expect more news on this, and their Tuesday line-up, to come….

MasterChef Australia also won its slot on 1.29m.

In demographics TEN took a huge 40.5% share for the night in 16-39, and won 18-49 and 25-54 by around 10% over its key rivals.

Week 21


  1. I was hoping Ten would finally win a Tuesday after that started this powerful lineup of quality shows. Ten deserved to win Tuesday and it is a day the network has the best shows on. TBYG is excellent and deserves the 1.6 million it gets and NCIS was fantastic last night. NCIS gets better and better and unlike most other shows, it ages like fine wine. Looks like Ten will have the top 2 shows of the week. Masterchef is great and now beating H&A over the 7-7:30pm timeslot on a regular basis. Lie To Me was also great and has done well in this timeslot despite not being like NCIS. The NCIS spinoff episodes should do well and if Ten aired them both next week, Seven and Nine would have been far behind.

    Tuesday’s are slightly worse for Seven without the Rafters but at least they provide for the older viewers. For me Seven was a no go and as for Nine, despite being watched on other days and enjoying a lot of their shows, they to were also a no go despite airing 2 favourite shows. Why didn’t I watch? Repeats, thats why! Those episodes of Two And A Half Men have aired a few times in the past year and as a fan, I have these episodes on dvd and so I do not need to watch them on free to air. The same goes for Underbelly. Home Made is watchable for me and I manage to have the patience to watch it on timeshift but it has many flaws that need to be fixed. The producers should watch Masterchef and work out why that is more successful. Nine must fix Tuesdays. Fridays in AFL states are a huge worry and Saturdays should be much stronger.

  2. TAYG is brilliant, im glad its getting good ratings, on the other hand, TGYH whilst i was disappointed it went away for a year, im pretty much over it, i cant be bothered taping it, and there is better stuff to watch on 10.

    I hope TAYG keeps up the great ratings and hilarity.

  3. Steve says “Well done to Ten, they haven’t had many good stories this year”

    Are you sure? Looks like they’ve had a pretty good year to me so far – Dance, Biggest Loser and Bondi Rescue all did really well before Merlin, Masterchef and Talking ‘Bout came along.

    Can their good luck continue with the new 7pm show that Rove’s production company is putting together for them?

  4. Man this sucks, I don’t get Channel Ten anymore, since I’ve move to Alice Springs and I’m really wanting to watch these shows. Imparja need to drop Channel Nine’s dud shows and switch to Ten, there isn’t anything on nine that I would miss.

    So much for Freeview btw, it should be available to everyone in this country and not just the major capital cities! False advertising is what it is. I live in Australia and I want my 15 free to air channel like everyone else.

  5. Has ten announced how long the run of TBYG will be? I think they’d want it to last as long as possible! What replaces NCIS when it finishes?

  6. NCIS is the best.. well deserved figure! Masterchef is doing really well and TBYG is cool. Looking forward to what the season finale will rate for ncis.. if an average episode gets 1.62 then season finale should break 1.7 🙂

  7. I went with the flow and watched Ten from 7-10.30pm. Most enjoyable and Tues is a varied and fun night. NCIS just gets better………However I have to agree with *Simon* that the wit and wisdom of Micallef is what holds TBYG together.

  8. Tuesday has turned into a strong night for 10. I watched it right through, from 7pm-10.30pm, and loved it. The wit and wisdom of Micallef is what holds TBYG together.

  9. Well done to Ten, they haven’t had many good stories this year. Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation is a real little gem… love it.

  10. koverstreet

    Good to see 10s lineup on tue nights is awesome with no need to switch the channel from MC all the way through to Letterman.

  11. James Grant

    Very encouraging results for Ten and I think this result is a healthy sign – instead of the ratings being a two horse race between Nine and Seven, we now have a third competitor and this hopefully can only bring better programs and a wider variety of choices for viewers.

    Talkin about Your Generation is fresh and lighthearted and the reason Masterchef is appealing is because the contestants are real and not good looking clones of each other – there’s no prizemoney either so you actually believe that they want to do well.

    Homemade is just a shocker and really needs to be be put to bed…and not a designer one either!!!

  12. well done to ten, 9 are in real trouble. they’ve come third in all demos every day this week and will probably do the same tonight.

    what can 9 do with homeMADE? there is no simple solution. but they should do something it’s letting down their whole sunday and tuesday.

  13. 10 are legends!!
    ncis is too kool, masterchef is interesting every night and has great challanges, i actually hadnt watched tbyg until last night and i liked it!! was surprised at how funny it was. same with lie to me, i hadnt watched it until last night and that was also great, i rekon 10 needs to take advantage of the 10.30 slot on tuesdays and put a show on instead of 10 news.

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