The Chaser: Charges? What charges?

chaser24Hey there, blimpy boys….

The Chaser’s Julian Morrow has released a statement following its controversial Vatican stunt in which he and Craig Reucassel were responsible for flying an unmanned blimp over St Peter’s Square. He says he hasn’t heard about any charges as yet.

“The police questioned us and gave us several high speed tours of Rome in police cars. They searched our hotel rooms and kept quite a bit of our stuff, including some tapes, a camera, some microphones and Craig’s laptop. We’re trying to get that material back now, while simultaneously claiming for it on travel insurance,” he said.

“We’ve since heard from Tim Fischer that we’ve been charged, but from an Italian lawyer that we haven’t. We’re backing the lawyer.

“No charges have in fact been laid yet. Apparently the police have forwarded the information they have to a Prosecutor. We’re thinking of forwarding her a very nice bottle of Australian red. It’s up to her to decide what happens next. We’ve been told this could take some time. It looks like Roman cases against The Chaser won’t be built in a day.”

As for footage of the incident, Morrow jokes that, “It’s currently wrapped in condoms in the stomachs of our tape mules, but it should arrive in Australia shortly.”

The Chaser was filming for a planned new series, which will start on May 27. So far it’s yet to be revealed what might have been written on the side of the blimp.

“We haven’t yet heard what the Pope thinks about the whole thing, but we are expecting God to release a statement and/or a swarm of locusts later in the day.”


  1. My monies on a giant condom as well. They did say it would be a statement on controversial catholic policy. In a world of HIV/AIDS and other massive STI spread, especially in developing countries, a ban on condom use could not be more controversial.

  2. OMG yay!!!! The chaser’s are back. Don’t care what people think of them, but they are absolutely hilarious and one of Australia’s best television shows because… well… come on, it’s really lacking.

  3. The Chaser crew are morons, taking on a soft target knowing they won’t get a violent response.
    Show some balls and do it over a mosque and see what happens

  4. lol… Wouldn’t it be ironic if they were given an extended holiday by the Italian police and missed the start of their new show…

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