The extra news on Good News Week

gnw1From Monday night TEN’s Good News Week has an extra ten minutes, running from 8:30pm to 9:40pm, which pushes back start times for Supernatural (now 9:40pm) TEN Late News (now 10:40pm) and The Late Show with David Letterman (now 11:25pm).

It’s not exactly clear why GNW suddenly needs 70 minutes, or indeed was instructed by the network to deliver 70 minutes, but you can probably deduce it has something to do with trying to avoid a switch by viewers.


  1. Rudolph, they’re not necessarily sticking in more ads. GNW normally runs around the 49 or 50 minute mark, which means that it runs ten minutes longer than a normal hour show, thus with the same number of ads, the show needs 10 extra minutes of airtime.

  2. CT – Ten is playing that episode this coming Monday – assume they held it over instead of wasting it against the Underbelly finale.

  3. what happened to the second episode of GNW from the comedy festival with Stephen K Amos that was not aired due to the biggest loser finale?

  4. Oh haha i got annoyed when i saw that because I didn’t want Supernatural starting later but it started at 9:40 last week, TEN are just actually acknowledging it now.

  5. this show is so crap! rates crap and doesnt win ten any demos, and isnt funny!! so why keep it?, i say law and order c.i on mondays 8.30 and s.v.u on 8.30 thur

  6. @ Shelly – that depends on your internet plan. And TV shows are much better on your TV then computer unless you can connect your computer to your TV and watch in full screen.

  7. I’m glad they’re just formalising something they’ve already been doing. Even with ‘extend’ on, my DVR recordings of GNW always miss the last segment because it runs over so much. I’ve been having to wait until the Saturday night repeat to see the show properly. Hopefully this will fix that!

  8. GNW actually still only runs for 40 minutes, not 70. It never has run for 60, or 70 minutes. Ad breaks used to be 2.5 minutes, consisting of 5 x 30 second ads. Ad breaks now run for 3-4 minutes, at an ad break every 7.5 minutes, other than the first which usually happens 15 minutes in…

    If they didn’t stick so man ads in, and for so long it would run on time, as with all the other shows that now run over. It’s not the show that is running over it’s the advertising.

    I simply record shows now and watch them later. My 3 minute skip feature comes in very handy, although I now find I am skipping 4 minutes and just landing at the end of the ad break.. It saves me so much time… I get to bed an hour early!

  9. Zambora, ABC has always one it because they are built around a lot of UK shows which run to shorter times without ads. But they have always been honest about it. The problem with commercial networks is not that they move the start times, it’s that they move the start times without telling us. If it’s 8:40, 8:35 or 8:40 that’s fine as long as it’s in the Guide and starrts on time. It’s funny how the 6pm News starts bang on 6pm every night….

  10. This type of “time warping annoys me.
    David, when did networks really start moving the goalposts or starting times to 7.35 8.37 etc..Even the ABC does it now.

  11. GNW has been 70 mins for a while. I don’t know if it was deliberate or sloppy editing but despite the previous show running over time, GNW has been running over even further.

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