Today’s surprise Saturday

today211The Today show aired a surprise Saturday edition yesterday, hosted by Leila McKinnon and Cameron Williams.

It went to air without any publicity from 7-9 am, one hour short of its Sunday edition.

We know that Nine makes last minute programming changes as it is, but this is taking it one step further.

The brekkie battle with Sunrise has been heating up, with the difference between the two shows getting slimmer and slimmer.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Telegraph reports Nine is planning to return late night news to 11:30pm hosted by Wendy Kingston and the late-morning news bulletin will run for an hour from 11am to noon, instead of half an hour. Both begin tomorrow.

A new one-hour 4:30pm edition will launch next month with Mark Ferguson and Andrew Daddo.

“We are committed to news and our corporate brand sits side by side with news,” CEO David Gyngell said.

“I think its important we show the community just how committed we are to that agenda.”

Source: Sunday Telegraph


  1. That’s it, Matt Bransby & Jason Bransby scream very very very loud (up to 1000%) at the Lady GaGa Concert when she comes to Australia – Couse Nine is now a 24 hour News Channel Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God! The Whole Time. The Today Show Saturday Edition runs between 3am – 9am

  2. why have no tv guides been updated even nines own at the end of last night news though jo hall mentioned the changes.

  3. Hi David

    is there a ratings figure for Today on Saturday ? Would also be interesting to see what next weeks ratings are given people now know its on

    Also, how much more news will the commercial networks deluge us with; a cheap and easy alternative to proper shows

  4. I noticed that!. I arrived a the gym at 8.50am and saw that Today was on, I was sure it was normally kids programs.
    Andrew Daddo a newsreader now? Umm how?

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