Underbelly dropped for Ramsay

Nine drops Underbelly S1 in Melbourne and brings on Gordon Ramsay.

gordon-kitchen3Legal proceedings in Victoria (again) have caused Nine to drop Underbelly from its schedule (again).

Nine will no longer be screening repeats of the first series of Underbelly in Melbourne on Tuesday nights after lawyers for an underworld figure have applied to the Supreme Court to stop the series.

Two edited episodes went to air on Tuesday.

But the news is better for fans of Gordon Ramsay (the remaining ones anyway) with Kitchen Nightmares USA in a 9:30pm timeslot. At 10:30 it’s Hell’s Kitchen already slated, that means two Ramsay episodes on May 5 and 12 (UPDATED: but at 11:30pm on the 12th due to Nine News: Federal Budget 2009). Good luck staying on top of these changes, people!

There is no change to Sydney and Brissy viewing.

The court application will be heard this afternoon.


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  1. Nine need to stop with these short term rash decisions, Underbelly was only going to last 4 weeks into Melbourne anyway as only 5 episodes would’ve been played. Then what?!? They’ll go nowhere quickly with repeats and constant schedule shufflings. AT least we’ll see Hells Kitchen at 1030, yourtv.com.au also states this. Hopefully it rates well enough to have more series in this timeslot.

  2. What a Joke!!! Nine can’t even wait until all the court proceedings in Victoria have finished before airing underbelly, they have now aired episodes 1 and 2 twice, up to episode 5 once( last year), by the time they are legally able to, no one will bother watching it in Melbourne.

  3. The foresight of that network is quite laughble. So we’ve had Hell’s Kitchen – Underbelly 1 rpts – and now we’re getting Kitchen Nightmares in 3 consecutive weeks.

    You’d think 9 would realise Ramsay is dead in this country, they’d be better off flogging a 3rd weekly episode of 20 to 1, or the umpteenth episode of 2.5 Men rpts….

  4. Surely they must have had some idea that there’d still be an issue in Vic. And it’s Melb in particular that kept ch 9 up in ratings on Tue night. Rest of the country were on other channels. Without Melb, ch 9 Tue will be 3rd after 7 and 10.

    With Homemade starting Tue week, they should take that opportunity to overhaul the whole night and come back into the race as that night is wiping out their Sun and Mon night gains. Then again, as I said before, I don’t think winning ratings is actually 9’s agenda anymore.

  5. I’m “one of the remaining one’s” 😀 😛 :/ 🙁 lol

    Never understood the appeal of Underbelly series 1 or series 2, general consensus is that both series cater for those who had never heard or read about the criminal underworld before. Personally i think what i have seen displayed weak storytelling and weak acting – in the true Australian way.

    I’m still a Gordon fan, and happily tune in to the show when 9 show it. Yes i’ve seen them before through other means (Lifestyle Food and the dvds), they still hold value to me (in the case of Hell’s Kitchen it’s more comedic) – unlike the 349723403924723490237 repeated screenings of Two and a Half Men.

    ** Vince Colosimo couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag, even Dustin Diamond (Saved by the Bell fans unite!!) had better acting ability.

    ** = i could be taking the piss 😛

  6. I did wonder why Nine bothered to put Underbelly on the air again when they were still censoring it. I thought for them to bring it back they must have been running it uncut in Victoria.. but then I watched it and it was pixellated all over again. So hopefully they can air it again soon and this time in full.

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