Underbelly ends with 2.07m

underbelly-tale2The finale episode of Underbelly pulled a bigger audience than the Logie Awards.

2.07m watched the series final, beating the 1.7m who watched the Red Carpet Arrivals the night before.

While it didn’t match the 2.58m who tuned in to the series premiere, it did pick up from the last two weeks when it tracked under the 1.85m mark. The figure is yet to be adjusted for its late start time of 8:39pm following a cheeky unscheduled “sneak peek” for homeMADE.

Underbelly finished nearly a million viewers ahead of its nearest rival, Desperate Housewives (1.10m) and thumped Good News Week‘s 817,000, Four Corners‘ 693,000 and a repeat of Swift and Shift Couriers 323,000.

Unless it can be beaten by Thank God You’re Here the Nine drama should finish as the top show of the week.

Meanwhile MasterChef Australia took a convincing 1.23m, going toe to toe with Home and Away‘s 1.27m and Two and a Half Men’s 1.26m. It managed to win 3 demo groups too. If it can do that every night TEN will be rapt. Recruits debuted nicely to 1.23m.

Hot Seat was a great episode last night with a woman miraculously guessing every one of her questions correct right up until the final $250,000. But she fell at the final hurdle with a question on “What is a Pakapoo?” with just $1,000 and a standing ovation for her skill.

Underbelly is expected to proceed to a third series currently in development for the intervening years between the first and second series.

Week 19


  1. A disappointing ending because they want you to tune in next year when they continue the story in the next season which it tipped to fill the time period between series 2 and series 1. That’s why it is “a whole other story”, as Caroline so neatly ended her narration.

  2. what the hell was that ….what a crap ending if ch 9 was hoping for their own sopranos they got it (but not in good way) and if ub3 is about corruption in the NSW police force. its been done you can buy blue murder at jb hifi for $19.99
    ch 9 i want my 41 minutes back

  3. yeah blue murder was really a cut above even 13 years on its still one of the best drama series I’ve ever seen. Though first underbelly was brilliant too.

  4. Apart from watching initial episode of Underbelly 2, I thought I would watch last episode in full and was very disappointed.acting was woeful, accents for Kiwis was a joke and let’s face it, it might have been based on a true story but only used about 1 percent of the truth.
    Can imagine Underbelly 3,4 & 5 all being promoted as based on true eventsand then just being drugs and tits – followed by ACA interviewing the real people with different slant.
    Bring back Blue Murder and show them how drama is really done.

  5. i didnt like the ending it kinda made bob out to be something he wasn’t. actually i’m looking forward to the real trimbolie show on monday. Although seeing the teaser makes me think that the lady he was with had no clue what he was upi too. But hey I’ll wait for monday.

  6. While 2mil is good it should have been higher for a final considering it has peaked at 2.5 mil before maybe it was because of 9s constant repeats that pulled it down

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