Which celebrity does Micallef “slag off?”

micThis week on Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation the guests are Ian Smith, Lawrence Leung and Maeve Higgins.

But keep your eyes peeled for a game on ‘Celebrities.’

Shaun Micallef, in his usually wry style, can’t resist a gag at the expense of one Australian television personality.

See if you have any idea who he’s talking about in this off the cuff moment….

Micallef: “Is [BLANK] a Celebrity? I just wonder how wide the definition is. In my day, and I’m sure it was the same for you, to get on TV you needed some talent. It wasn’t just sufficient to be annoying.”

Gags like this will just win you even more fans, Mr. M!

Check it out Tuesday 7:30pm on TEN.


  1. Could have been so many in the Oz “celebrity” industry, but at no time can I remember Davis Koch being the prima donna and claiming he was one. Micallef is one to talk about needing tallent to be a celebrity. Very much a case of “pot…kettle” to me

  2. it was kochie.
    but i totally disagree with him. he should be talking about hiimself.
    rove would be a much better host than him. get some else who
    actually doesnt have to create humor to make it funny. the humor
    just comes natually.

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