Wipeout the hits

wipeouthosts1UPDATED: Now out of schedule once more replaced by Movie: Zathura.

Nine has rescheduled its Wipeout Australia episode which looks back at various highlights from its first season.

Originally set to air in March this will now screen at 7:30pm Saturday June 13th: Join your hosts James Brayshaw and Josh Lawson for tonight’s special episode which highlights the top 20 spills, face plants and wipeouts from the past season of Wipeout Australia.

Given the new series has just returned to ABC in the US, it seems logical that Nine is warming the audience for a return of the US series.

That last appeared on Aussie screens in the Tuesday 7:30pm slot -now given over to homeMADE….


  1. Does anyone know if this has been scheduled on another day yet, or they’ve just completely pushed it out again and we’ll have to wait another 2 months? Can’t believe they’ve pulled it twice!

  2. So you guys in Australia don’t like your own version of Wipeout ? I love it, I consider it better than the original series. The presenters are funnier and Kelly Landry is the prettiest girl.

  3. I guess the Saturday slot means the future doesn’t look good for Wipeout Australia. I guess if the US version gets higher ratings, it’s pointless making their own.

  4. That Josh Lawson guy looks like a complete douche.

    Wipeout should have been paired with Funniest home videos from the start. It would have thrived there.

  5. At least is will be safely out of the way of the mian part of the week, tucked away on Saturday where it will lose to Kath and Kim and the Simpsons or AFL on 10.

    Maybe 20-1 Wipe Out moments is another idea. 20-1 2.5 Men moments. 20-1 Underbelly scenes (would have to be adults only). 20-1 shows that failed on 9 in 2009.

  6. I think it’d be great if it came back for another Aussie Series, I think Josh Lawson was fantastic and would be great once he got more comfortable with it 🙂

  7. What, so a best of show that only contained highlights of the contestants anyway? Wow! Now that’s how you milk a show for all it’s worth.

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