Just one word to say about Nine's hastily thrown together Jacko "tribute" hosted by Karl Stefanovic and Richard Wilkins.


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  1. @Jason, did MusicMAX play the full Black or White video with Michael’s panther “fit” at the end? Rage ended with The Simpsons bit.

    Rage will have a proper Michael Jackson special later in the year. Hopefully they dig through the archives and find some gems.

  2. Yes, I watch a bit of it and thought it was rushed! Clumsy indeed – especially that part when Wilky paid Karl out on a Moonwalking night during the logies. tsk tsk — I can see that Wilky wants Karl’s job! LOL!

    Then again, they’re the only channel that was able to turn an MJ tribute overnight. I know Australian talent isn’t as great as the one they have in the US, but I like what Nine did…Though rushed & clumsy, they risked it! They’re walking the talk – “You get your breaking news first with Nine…”

    Seven is too polished to run something like this; and Ten is disciplined when it comes to showing their shows…They stick to their schedule, which is good (and bad).

  3. Seeing Karl S smiling throughout the show gave me the irrates. Why do nine persist with him. He is wrong for this type of show. Wilkins also got on my nerves. annoying that’s what they were on the night…………

  4. I agree with the criticism about the special – taking a shot at Wilkins is easy but at least he knows the music and can talk about him with knowledge. What did Lelia McKinnon add to the program? Nothing. Maybe she was there to be the “female” influence. They didn’t need 4 hosts – 2 would have been fine. It was half a tribute, half an update on the story. Only playing two songs in full is pretty poor – people wanted to see the music clips. I am surprised they didn’t drag out Richard Reid……….

  5. @pt ryan: many networks(including overseas) reported jeff goldblums death, although it was still pretty slack, all media outlets that did report it could have easily checked to see if there where other sources that did not quote the original source, even when i heard it i was sceptical. over all i think nines coverage was good that morning was good though.

  6. That 80’s footage of Richard Wilkins on the couch with those tight stonewash jeans exposing his crotch like that (ewww) should have come with a parental guidance warning !!!…..does anyone know why the gorgeous Tom Steinfort is reporting from the states now… has he moved there permanently ??

  7. On Saturday afternoon MusicMAX played a 50 clip marathon for MJ’s songs including the full length versions of Thriller, Bad, You Rock My World and Black or White, various Jackson 5 songs, We are the World and even his performance at the Mowtown Awards (which was the debut of the moonwalk)

    I feel sorry for you if you don’t have cable – they had the better tributes on Saturday.

  8. @JB : This is a blog. As such, David can write what the hecky-thump he likes and the rest of us can love, hate or be indifferent to it as we see fit – our responses seem very much appreciated by the author. Just so happens this is one of the most genuinely insightful blogs around.

    I look forward to agreeing and disagreeing with you more in the future, David! On this MJ ‘special’ though, I wholeheartedly agree.

  9. As much as I agree with you and love this site, can you please add an “opinion” tag and section to the site? A lot of the reporting lately seems to be blurring the lines, and I think a better distinction between reporting and opinion would be good for the site.

    Just some constructive criticism, still love your work.

  10. see Neon Kitten…firstly i dont work for 9, and the incinuation that i do is wrong and appalling… I was stating that people bags things on this site and it seems that they could be professional bloggers on this site…be it in the 9 7 or 10 camp…who do you barrack for??? All iam saying is that iam tired of the people who watch something..then just go about bagging it…if you were a fan and didnt like it…then thats sad..(wasn’t like his death was expected) so a hastily thrown together show should be acknowledged, if they put a months worth or pre production into and it as as bad as they say then sure bag it…. for the record who i work for is my business and its not one of the big 3….

  11. I watched the special and thought it was completely fine. Richard Wilkins was fine, can’t see the problem with him. Got to see a whole bunch of clips of Michael’s video clips and performances. Got to see where he recorded his music. I couldn’t see anything wrong with it. I enjoyed it anyway.

  12. I’d still like to see 9 apologise for this. It was incredibly disrespectful.

    When Peter Stefanovic began his correspondence saying “it’s fantastic to be here” I was absolutely shaken.

    This was not tribute special because of the anniversary of Thriller it was a tribute show because he had died.

    Where was the respect, the dignity. This is a sad occasion not a time for awful television whores like Karl Stefanovic to get paid because they give up their Saturday nights to make completely unclever, snide remarks about someone they have little interest about and an even they have little interest for.

    Apologise 9.

  13. @ mac,

    NINE’s main two reporters were Peter Stefonovic (Karl’s brother) who is permenantly in the U.S. He was on the tribute yesterday.

    The other one (who is on the news) is Tom Steinfort. He works on Nine News Melbourne as a permanent reporter. That is, he lives here, not in the U.S. What an experience he must have had getting to report on this event. I’m sure he’ll never forget it.

  14. It’s interesting how so many people here say that they hate Karl, Richard and Leila, and yet they obviously watched the tribute yesterday to complain about the “appalling” standards. If you don’t like them, then why the hell are you watching the show you dumb sh*ts!

    @ George: “Come on Nine, lift your game.”
    At least Nine did their own tribute unlike the lazy ar*ses at Seven that will just air something from USA. Nine had less than Two days to put the thing together, I doubt you could do any better!

    Nine must be happy they purchased all those massive plasmas – they are using them for everything.

    @ Ed,
    Agree with everything you said. Sunday Night is credible? What a joke. Last week I turned on the tv and Mike munro was pantless!

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