1. It’s not about bashing 9. Any station that showed that mish mash clip show would also deserve a scolding. It’s about respect for the subject and the viewer. Those of us who watched it probably were feeling sad and wanted to wallow in nostalgia and relive the music of our youth. We did not need to be subjected to those giggling fools. If it was supposed to be a tribute why not show the whole song? I know time constraints. Well wait a day edit the thing properly and be respectful.

  2. Supposedly less talking more music… we are not huge MJ fans but kids wanted to see the music… which I must say Rage did a much better job the night/morning before this trash…. another reason why i don’t watch any program with Richard Boofhead Wilkins…. dissappointing but not totally unexpected… “a-p-p-a-l-l-i-n-g”… harsh?? I would say it was spot on

  3. also it was good to see 9 had their own reporter at the scene outside the hospital as it showed the impact mj had on the public with all those people gathering out side the hospital. (does anyone know his name i could find it on nines website, also is he permanently based in LA or did he just happen to be their on another assignment when news broke)

  4. also i think karl, lisa, richard and all those who where part of fridays today show did a great job, as it wouldn’t be easy to cover such a huge breaking story, im glad both nine and seven had extended coverage as obviously this is something the public was very interested in. what was disappointing though is that other than news updates ten had no coverage till the 11am news as far as i could see, did they talked about mj at all the 9am with david and kim anyone, as when ever i had a look they where doing unrelated interviews which just looked silly when such a major story was breaking at the same time.

  5. appalling is a bit harsh, although it wasn’t perfect overall it served it purpose it being i tribute to mj musical career, although i could have don’t without richard putting poor leila on the spot.

  6. I never intended watching this show, in fact we have stayed off CH9 since they decided to run nothing but constant ‘MJ’ since Friday morning, thank goodness for the ABC

  7. LOL at people who called Sunday Night credible – 60 Minutes may not be what it used to be, but it is still far more credible than Sunday Night is, and will ever be, providing it even returns following Dancing With The Stars.

    Anyways, at least Nine attempted an Australian made Michael Jackson tribute, unlike Seven, who’s airing an imported documentry, which unlike Nine’s who had Friday and Saturday to produce, was made prior to Jackson’s passing, so they’ve had weeks, if not months, and years to produce something that will be, and should be of more quality in comparison to Nine’s! Not only is Sunday Night doing a report on Jackson’s passing, but 60 Minutes is too, do good on Nine for trying something original with last night’s tribute, unlike seven! Nine nobody can deny is damned if they do, and damned if they don’t, seriously… When David wrote of Nine’s decision to air their Michael Jackson tribute last night, people wrote about were just milking the issue for all it’s worth, well… Have we heard of anyone complaining about Seven over capitalising on the issue?! Many argued there was no need for the tribute and didn’t want it, obviously they’re not fans, but now people are just winging for the sake of it!

    And as far as the hosts go, if you don’t like Karl, Richard, or anyone else on the program, don’t bother watching it, regardless of whether you’re a Jackon fan or not, because we don’t want to hear your winging; if you watch the program don’t winge! That’s the way the cookie crumbles, if you want to watch the tribute, then you have to be prepared to put up with the hosts!

    But really, do we have to bicker, I mean the King of Pop’s passed away, let’s celebrate him, his life and his career, without fighting unnecessarily…

  8. Totally agree with the comments about this so called special. It was suppose to be less talking and more about Michael Jackson, well the two boof heads wouldn’t shutup and kept their stupid mugs on the screen for most of the night.

    I realise 9 has invested a lot of money and time with Karl Stefanovic but it’s time to cut your losses and ditch this loser, he is the definition of a crap presenter. If a guy doesn’t have a personality then you can’t create one of an autocue.

    As for Leila McKinnon, the only way we’ll get her off our screens is if their is a divorce any time soon. What is it with channel nine, it’s full of wives, brothers, sisters, son’s, etc all with jobs and talent has nothing to do with it. With any luck 9 will finish third a few more times this year and then the network will fold.

  9. Oh good, I wasn’t alone in finding CH9’s ‘MJ Special’ appalling! Someone forgot to tell Karl & Dick that it wasn’ the ‘Karl & Dick’ show. We could have done without the ‘Karl at the Logies’ snipping, the ‘ha ha look at Richard & the Mullet in 1987’ sniggers, as well as Leila & her “Look at me in the ‘Thriller’ recording studio whilst I badly moonwalk”….. Good Grief!!!

  10. David,

    Appalling is a bit harsh to be honest!
    You all watched due to the amount of comments and alot of you would have to have kept watching to pass such detailed comment.
    So if Nine is so appalling it doesn’t say much for the smarts of most people that have past negative comment .
    Very smart programming move by Michael Healy.

    Nine won the Night Nationally 27.5% and the week 26.3%.

  11. Jezza of the city

    I watched it for 30 minutes in the hope of a well scripted,edited and presented tribute instead we got these two jokers and one of the very worst TV shows in history. It should have been titled “CH9s Insult to Michael Jackson”. After 30 mins I kinda knew it was not going to get any better, so I switched off.

    Shame on you Channel Nine.

  12. Here here to Rob. Couldn’t have said it better. Nine bosses need to listen seriously before the network sinks any further. Boys Club needs to be abolished!

  13. The one on ch7 is likely to be better as it was meant to pay tribute to Michael and be part of his tour, not to celibate his death and it’s from ITV who do great work. I don’t know if mel and kochie will introduce it but IMO it should be better.

    As for TENs coverage, well Friday night they just took a direct pick up of CBS, nothing more which in it’s self is not bad but they could have at least done something local but it was late notice.

  14. Can someone please explain to me what it is that Richard Wilkins has?Why is he still employed as an entertainment reporter when 9 have lost many talented people over the years.What hold does he have over this station.
    And Karl & Cameron are vulgar,untalented & void of any personality.Karl should be allowed to have a few beers before he starts,he might be interesting then.
    I will never understand RW’s longevity on australian tv…ever.

  15. Dear Ch9 execs, Brace for impact.

    I know you’re reading this so please take special notice. Richard Wilkins (nee Wild) is a 95yr old man reporting on pop culture. WTF? He has lacked any sense of credibility on such topics since 1989 and yet you persist in employing him. You may think “Rob knows who Richard Wilkins (nee WIld) is, that’s a win for us!”. Sadly, like so many things these days, you’re wrong. I don’t care what his chemistry with the Carson Cressley rip-off Hollywood reporter on Today is like. I can tell he doesn’t want to be there and I can tell he doesn’t give a s**t about his seg, the show or your network. And if I can tell, everyone can tell. He offends me. He offends us. Please remove him from your network and I’ll consider not switching over to Ch7 whenever his withered, used-up head appears on my screen spouting s**t about Lady Gaga that his 12yr old graduate producer has stolen from Perez or Tyler Durden without credit. Seriously, you pitch younger and this is what you get.

    In addition, merchant banker Karl Stefanovich is not an appropriate host for anything which the viewing public might even have a bare shred of emotion for. His smug, smarmy, aloof, arrogant persona is not suited to life in general, let alone a retrospective work about one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. I know you’ve signed him for 2yrs or whatever but seriously, keep him in his frigging box. The ability to read an autocue and smile/laugh on command is not grounds to host television.

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