Airdate: Being Human

A werewolf, a ghost and a vampire as roommates? ABC2 scores again, with this Brit dramedy following the first series of Torchwood.

bbc-being-humanABC2 continues to prove itself the strongest programmer of our secondary channels with news that Being Human is set to start in just over two weeks time.

In this 6 part UK series, three supernatural housemates in their 20s are trying to live as normal. One is a ghost, one a werewolf and the other a vampire.

All are trying to keep their dark side hidden from outsiders, but within their shared house, they can let out their dangerous and strange secrets.

Annie is a ghost, pining after her fiancé whom she was due to marry before the fatal accident at the house that left her with her ‘affliction’. Mitchell is a good-looking and laidback vampire and has an easy confidence with females, but he is a blood-sucker struggling against giving in to his vampire cravings. He is also being harassed by a vampire leader constantly trying to lure him back to his deadly habits.

George is an affable hospital porter who turns into a flesh-hungry, predatory werewolf every full moon. He fears for the dangers he presents at large, so agrees to transform within the ‘safety’ of their house, tearing it apart in the process.

The BBC has also commissioned a second series from writer Toby Whitehouse (Hotel Babylon, Doctor Who, Torchwood).

It airs 9:20pm Friday June 19 on ABC2 following the first season of Torchwood on the ABC at 8:30pm.

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  1. Check out this neat competition for the show – you can vote for your fave character for the chance to win a ABC Shop voucher at ABC Shop website.

    I vote Mitchell – Hot!!

    Can’t wait for the DVD to come out it August.

  2. Just finished watching this on the net because our tv shows suck in Aust. Thought this was fantastic, something different and enjoyable. Can’t believe they are putting on the air without any advertising. I so would not of known about this if i wasn’t doing some surfing and stubled across this website……Hooorayyy Can’t Wait!!!!!

  3. The six part first season was preceded by a pilot shown almost a year before the first season started.

    I hope ABC2 starts off from the pilot and not from the first season.

  4. Love! Love! Love! this show!
    The season is all too short but at least there will be a second season to come …
    Particularly love Russell Tovey (openly gay actor) as George not to mention how hot the other guy is …. weird and wonderful and very sexy!

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