Airdate: Michael Jackson The King of Pop

michael-jackson-concert-2UPDATED: Nine will screen a special Michael Jackson The King of Pop, a 90 minute special at 7:30pm Saturday. More info as it is supplied.

Channel Nine will air a tribute special, Michael Jackson – The King of Pop, live from 7.30pm. Hosts Karl Stefanovic and Richard Wilkins will present a 90-minute celebration of the extraordinary life of the world’s most enigmatic pop star, featuring all the highlights of his career, his best performances, and lots of rarely seen interviews.

Karl and Richard will cross to Nine reporters, Peter Stefanovic at the Harlem Apollo Theatre in New York (where a very young Michael Jackson first performed), and Leila McKinnon, in LA, with all the latest developments from Jackson’s home town.

The (unrelated) movie Are We Done Yet? airs at 9pm.

On Sunday Liz Hayes has a story in 60 Minutes.

The Life and Death of Michael Jackson
It was a life of ultimate extremes. Michael Jackson’s highs were the highest. A musical genius who, at the peak of his power, was the greatest-selling performer of all time. But the lows couldn’t have been lower: a tortured personal life, financial ruin and the rock-bottom humiliation of child abuse allegations. From the moment he emerged as a child star at the age of 11, Jackson’s rollercoaster existence captivated the world. His death at the age of 50 has again riveted attention on his troubled brilliance. Liz Hayes reports from Los Angeles on the life and death of the undisputed king of pop.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producers: Stephen Rice, Phil Goyen


  1. For your info, Channel 10 played a tribute on Friday night before 9 and channel 7 is playing special tribute tom, Monday 29th @ 7:30! Get your facts right!

  2. You didn’t miss anything. It was such a poorly thrown together mess of a show. It was rushed and I don’t think they showed one full clip from start to finish. Rage’s tribute was much better in every way.

  3. Is this site turning into a Channel 9 love in? I could swear it’s part of 9’s publicity department. No mention of 10’s special, no mention of 7’s (NBC) Dateline at 11.00am yesterday, Come on lift your game!

  4. i hope farrah fawcett gets some love in the programming, she is very inspirational and now that all her struggles are over her death has been overshadowed by MJ. there are quite a few recent specials on her that have aired in the US.

    Sunday Night aired parts of her video diary doco a few weeks back so i assume 7 has the rights. maybe they should update it and air it in full sunday 7:30 and take out BSUSA and the force.

  5. Ten have also scheduled a special “The Life and Death of Michael Jackson” tonight at 10.00pm following So You Think You Can Dance U.S.

  6. Another programming note (from ABC’s Facebook feed): “Rage plays tribute to Michael Jackson with Thriller at the start of tonight’s show 12.25am and then a one hour special from 9am tomorrow morning from 9am. The playlist for Saturday will be posted soon on the Rage website”

  7. Why not show it tonight? Oh thats right, the rugby… riiiight…. I’d say this is more to do with ratings and less to do with honour. Rage will be the place to go for the Jackson honouring

  8. I think Nine are doing this for both fans, and ratings. Watching the Today show this morning, the hosts and presenters were very upset, and it was real. especially gerogie.

    either way, anything about MJ, i’m watching. I love him and will always miss him.

  9. Full version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller kicks off rage tonight on ABC1 @ 12.25, & an hour of MJ clips @ 9am Sat. Repeated at 4pm on ABC2.
    31 minutes ago
    This is from the rage website

  10. David @ Gren Point

    I hope you can advise through your blog if Rage is going to do a Jacko special tonight or tomorrow night. His music videos would be more interesting than Channel Nork’s ratings-chaser beat-up.

  11. Obviously CH 9 has never heard of the word ‘overkill’…..their ‘Today Show’ went till noon today, the news tonight & this afternoon is going for an hour, ACA is going for 40 mins , give us a break

  12. ah so Nine will win the week thanks to this. I really wonder if Nine’s intention is to honour and rejoice the great life of Michael Jackson or are in it for some ratings glory, or both. R.I.P MJ

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