Airdate: Michael Jackson: What Really Happened?

michael_jacksonUh oh. Nine is venturing down the road of a last minute Jacko special hosted by Richard Wilkins again…

This one simply promises: “With the world still in disbelief at the death of Michael Jackson, tonight Richard Wilkins hosts a special presentation that focuses on the controversy that plagued his life.”

As to which controversy that is, who knows (plastic surgery, child molestation case, marriages, parenting skills, unusual habits etc.)?

The title of the one hour special hints it might focus on the final days, but the synopsis suggests otherwise.

On Saturday Wilkins co-hosted a loose series of music clips with Karl Stefanovic that pulled a big crowd and helped Nine win the week. He also attracted quite a bit of media for announcing the death of actor Jeff Goldblum on Friday’s Today show, which was an internet hoax.

The latest Jacko special airs 9:30pm Wednesday night, with a Cold Case episode held over by a week.


  1. micheal jackson was such a amazing singer who brought everyone to his knees and the whole world loved him and his music its so sad to see such a great life cut so short i think people need to stop wit saying he was a montster and doing all this real bad s**t he has 3 beautiful kidsof his own and an amazing man like he would never do the s**t people have said its bout time we let the king of pop rest in peace. and let his family try and slowly rebulid their lives they dnt need this s**t and its bout time people start to relise this

  2. k look here . MIcheal jackson, the king of pop has just died if you didnt realise.. we should be celebrating his life and successes, his talent and music but what the f do we have here.
    Michael Jackson: what really happened. this show disgusts me, making him sound like a monster, you must have a lot of gut to do this.

  3. This doco is disgusting. Look at how it is edited and presented…why do you need creepy background music when you’re talking about the highest ranked pop musician of modern times? Quick grab for ratings Channel 9?? The whole Ramsay V Grimshaw wasn’t enough for you guys?

    What on earth has media turned too…praise him during your news broadcasts, then showing this degrading and disrespectful trash in the hours leading up to saying goodbye to a legend.

  4. Channel Nine are going to air this documentary again at the exact time he is being buried which is just before his memorial service on channel 7.

    Please call them ASAP/immediately urging them not to play it at that time. I called to complain and got through immediately please do the same… simply because it inappropriate timing… And will hurt a lot of people who are mourning. and it is completely discrespectful.

    Also they shouldnt play it anyway because it is full of unsubstantiated allegations, false accusations, it claims to have “experts” who actually had to revoke their claims under testimony and is simply a burial of his character while they are actuallly burying his body. Very poor form from Channel Nine.

    I called to complain and got through immediately please do the same

    Channel Nine Sydney (02) 9906-9999
    Channel Nine Melbourne (03) 9420-3111
    Channel Nine Brisbane (07) 3214-9999
    Channel Nine Adelaide (08) 8267 0111
    Channel Nine Perth (08) 9449 9999

  5. “What really happened”? More like, “What we think happened, without a speck of proof to substantiate our claims”!

    I was disgusted that channel 9 aired this so-called documentary – It was plain and utter crap! Shame on you Gyngell!!

  6. Just a teenager here so let me rant…
    Okay what the hell is the matter with channel 9?! I watched the doco on channel 10 and was impressed by the way that it was handled. This on the other hand was…I can’t even find words to describe the way I feel about this!

    Way to tear a man while he’s down! The special on Saturday was a bit bearable but I wish they had played more clips instead of cutting to the horrible jokes between the two hosts, it would have made the whole thing a rating winner if it was all clips and no hosts! But seriously he died recently and placing that garbage in air time? Isn’t there any respect in the industry anymore?

    I thought this was going to be about how he died which I think it was what most people who hadn’t heard of this doco expected. But instead I watched some British guy go around asking most likely disgruntled ex employees of Michael about there takes on an, in my opinion amazing man! This was just a doco filled with BS to the max!!

    Channel Seven is so gonna kick channel 9’s ass when they air the Jackson reunion and Michael’s final preformance from Michael’s 30th Anniversary…although it is in a different title they know how to do something with respect and dignity!!!

  7. what ever MJ did it’s between him and his creator now and is not for us to judge but i certainly had a different perspective on MJ after watching this doc – was an eye opener. MJ had God given talent which he shared with the world and I would rather remember him for that.

  8. Channel 9, why the need to play this so called “documentary” at all? The timing isn’t going to change the fact that this program was just a disgusting tabloid vilification, designed for the purpose of causing as much damage as possible in any way they could think of. You don’t have to like Michael Jackson to have the intelligence to see this. The people involved in it should be forced to factually validate or recant their allegations but this isn’t just about the timing or Michael Jackson.

    Whilst the idea is that bad news sells, surely you don’t have to air something as degrading as this to improve ratings. I hope that if anything is learnt from this by the viewers it’s that they should be quite cautious of trusting the media to report or relay truth. A lot of people know this anyway but maybe you’ve done the more gullible a favor. I wish the media could find more positive & productive ways to still do their job & accomplish their business purposes. There has to be some way for the media to use information to their advantage in a way that is productive for them as well as ethical. It shouldn’t have to be bad news or gossip to produce interest & ratings.

    I can only hope they will attempt to be a bit more cautious about the information they are relaying when they get feedback from people like me. I don’t really wish you out of a job. I just wish you would find a better way of doing it.

  9. A load of crap! – that’s what this was just another story surrounding lies. I watched the complete story and have to say this has not changed my perception of Michael Jackson or his innocence but that of channel 9.

    Obviously someone who has been working for 17 years and is finally sacked by their boss will hold grudges and this is how MJ’s ex-manager came across. Towards the end of the interview this is what we learned – why have me sit through it only to discover the reason behind MJ’s ex-manager talking. It just goes to show you the audience would not have been so interested if this was stated at the beginning – it’s all about timing right channel 9?

    All you money hungry people out their including the LA women who has been trying to bring him down since – karma is waiting for you. Just remember the truth will be reveled someday and MJ’s name will be cleared for good. He’s better off where he is right now..R.I.P MJ – hope your proud of yourself channel 9.

  10. Nope I won’t be watching Channel 9 ever again. It’s full of rubbish and Iam totally put off by the insensitivity they have showed towards Michael Jackson. Obviously they don’t check the authenticity of the programmes they show otherwise the wouldn’t have shown this disgusting documentary.

  11. I watched the first 5 mins then turned the channel, thats disgusting chan9 you should be ashamed, we are talking about an human being here not an animal..the worlds in mourning and instead of showing good memories you show this crap. pathetic

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