Airdate: Moral Orel

moNow this looks fun.

Here comes an animated series that feels like South Park meets Wallace and Gromit smack bang in the bible belt of America.

Orel is an 11-year-old boy who loves church and just wants to do God’s work. But his unbridled enthusiasm for piousness and his misinterpretations of religious morals, however, often leads to disastrous results.

With his na├»ve world view and misguided efforts to follow the Christian word to the letter Orel accidentally unleashes a plague of zombies on his townsfolk, develops a horrific crack addiction, gets pierced in an unmentionable place, and in the series’ most jaw-dropping episode to date, “God’s Chef”, turns a misinterpretation of sex into a town-wide episodemic of unexpected pregnancies.

Put together by writer Dino Stamatopolous (Mr. Show, The Ben Stiller Show), Moral Orel will screen in double eps on the Comedy Channel from Wednesday July 1 at 10.00pm.


  1. Stan… y’know it occured to me at the time, but I presumed the info Foxtel sent me was correct (and it was even incorrectly branded on the YouTube clip). I’ve corrected, thanks.

  2. you have to wonder if an islamic equivalent of this show was made, ie a muslim taking their reading too much into the koran, that, even though their intentions are to do good, they end up doing bad- same as this kid who thought he was doing good by not helping the old lady or the baby in the pram, but instead ended causing great harm to them (im pretty sure that old lady died because she was run over)… I can tell you that despite the notion of free speech, I would be way too scared to make a show like that and base it on islam.

  3. I own the first volume of the series on DVD (as a gift from a friend) and while it’s funny at times, it’s also very predictable and repetitive. It probably works better if you’ve seen the old American kids show Davey and Goliath, on which this is based. 30 Rock’s Scott Adsit is one of the writers as well.

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