Airdate: Ned Kelly Uncovered

610 Tony Robinson, best known for Blackadder, Time Team and The Worst Jobs in History will present, Ned Kelly Uncovered -the first ever excavation of the Glenrowan Inn site where Kelly and his gang faced a showdown with police.

The dramatic siege which lasted over 24 hours, ended with Kelly’s capture and the death of 3 gang members. Nearly 130 years later, it will investigate whether a team of archaeologists and historians reveal new insight into Ned Kelly’s final moments of freedom?

Kelly experts Ian Jones and Alex McDermott provide commentary in a seven-week dig led by archaeologist Adam Ford.

As the archaeologists unearth a host of artefacts including cartridges and bullets, the scientists conduct tests with fascinating results. Meanwhile, the historians strip back the myth, piecing together the clues to give a detailed new look at an iconic Australian, literally from the ground up.

It airs 8:30pm Thursday July 9th on ABC1.

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