Airdate: Random Acts of Kindness. Bumped: homeMADE

karlsIt seems the first ‘random act of kindness’ by the Nine Network was to renovate Sunday nights and extract homeMADE.

As speculated, tipped, hinted and debated, Nine has officially dropped its Sunday edition, from Sunday June 14th.

It will be replaced by the premiere of Random Acts of Kindness, jointly presented by Karl Stefanovic, Scott Cam and Simmone Jade Mackinnon in the 6:30pm timeslot.

Nine’s big new renovation series, will now air once a week on Tuesdays at 7:30pm.

Random Acts of Kindness promises to “grant wishes and make dreams come true when they head into a community and find someone special who deserves recognition for giving their all to deserving people or causes.”

In the first episode Stefanovic will meet with a horse handler in the NSW Snowy Mountains, who teaches troubled kids to ride.

Scott Cam meets a mother whose three babies were born prematurely, inspiring her to set up Miracle Babies, a charity and support group based in Sydney’s west.

Tierney Jasper, presented by Simmone Jade Mackinnon meets a fundraiser who walked 60 kilometres to raise $5000 for Ronald McDonald House when she was just eight years old.

The removal of homeMADE follows disappointing figures for the show and tough competition from Merlin and Sunday Night. Many have argued the content did not warrant two episodes and might have fared better once a week. But Nine, which had approved the series before the economy tumbled, had made sponsor commitments. It should be grateful it didn’t go ahead with a plan to strip it five nights a week.

Others noted the show lacked the soapy storylines of The Block, also created by Julian Cress and David Barbour, and cast plenty of young, sexy designers.

While it isn’t entirely clear at this stage, so far the network seems to be settled on running out the episodes in full on Tuesdays -meaning a later conclusion, rather than any re-editing.

With Nine’s Tuesday nights in third place it may not get that luxury, particularly now the network has blinked.


  1. .Hi,
    i would also love to know how to get someone onto the show as i think it is just amazing what it does for alot of people.
    i know a lady who runs a charity from her home it looks like a bombsite cuz she doesnt have anywhere to put all the donated items, she finds new homes for unwanted useful items (to people who have nothing or very little and are desperate) she also does a food van to the needy. she drives as far as 3hrs away to do this charity she does not get paid anything, relies on donations from public.
    doing all this with her husband and brother and a few others, while looking after her 3 grandchildren since their mother is unable to care for themf and not to mention struggling with severe allergies to alot of stuff.
    she desperately seeks either a large shed or storage container for her backyard so her house can resemble a house (and not piles and piles of clothing, toys,furniture, kitchen appliances, food etc…)
    Can anyone help???? with a donation of a large shed or storage container or help her to get on the show??!!!
    please let me know thanks

  2. i hate this show its so dumb, everyone needs help in their lives once in a while, so why give it to the people that are ” special ” why dont you do it for everyone and anyone? and karl he pi**es me off, the sooner this show is bombed the better for everyone.

  3. Sophie Currenti

    i know greg powell
    he taught me how to ride in Goulbourn!!!!!!!
    before he moved, i was so sad that i missed the episode, does anyone know where i can watch it?

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