Airdate: Saving Grace

saving-graceSaving Grace, Holly Hunter’s drama in which she appears as an Oklahoma City police detective who has spiralled along a path of self-destruction comes to the Showcase channel this month.

After witnessing a horrific tragedy, Grace Hanadarko turns to alcohol with a vengeance. Grace combines her drinking with driving and the results have her striking a man out for a walk. Distraught, she asks for help and it arrives in a form she least expected; and his name is Earl.

Earl offers to help Grace get back on track in her life. As far as she has strayed off path, it won’t be easy for Grace to turn her life around.

The cast includes Kenny Johnson (The Shield) as Grace’s partner; Gregory Cruz; Bailey Chase (Buffy the Vampire Slayer); Bokeem Woodbine (Ray) as a death row inmate who has a lot more in common with Grace than she realises and Laura San Giacomo (Just Shoot Me) as the criminalist who, despite having strong religious beliefs, is the only one in Grace’s life who does not judge her.

The main title theme is by Eric Schrody of Everlast backed with an eclectic mix in Tom Petty, Big & Rich, Los Lonely Boys and Rammstein.

The 1995 bombing of Oklahoma City’s Federal Building and its aftermath are frequently incorporated into the plot and character development of the series. In the show, Grace’s sister, who was also Clay’s mother, lost her life in the bombing.

It premieres 8:30pm Monday 22nd of June on Showcase, a week after the third series launches in the US.


  1. Give the show a go peoples… there’s a mystery-of-the-week, great supporting cast, sex, drugs and (not in your face) religion (oh my!) . I love American cable.

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