Airdate: Superstar on Trial: Mexico’s Madonna

gloria-trevi4780A rather fascinating doco pops up next week on Crime & Investigation Network.

Gloria Trevi, known as ‘Mexico’s Madonna’, had the Spanish-speaking world at her feet until allegations of sexual procurement and child abuse sent her on the run from the law.

Trevi was beautiful, talented and filled rock stadiums with her adoring fans. But there was a dark side: A seedy, complex tale of sex, drugs and rock and roll, of tainted beauty, corrupt celebrity, and a ‘talent school’ which used Trevi’s fame to recruit unsuspecting young girls, not to stardom, but to sexual serfdom.

This film reveals powerful allegations from young women that Sergio Andrade -Trevi’s manager and Mexico’s star maker -ran, with the help of procurer Trevi, a classic cult where girls were disorientated, tortured, beaten, starved and brain washed into doing his sadistic bidding -and produced eight babies who all look like Sergio. Trevi and Andrade protested their innocence and claimed that the girls were lying to make money from lurid books and to seize their time in the spotlight.

Superstar on Trial: Mexico’s Madonna airs Wednesday June 10 at 9.30pm on Crime & Investigation Network.

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