Airdate: The Michael Jackson Story

mjacksonSeven has announced a newly-completed documentary on the life of Michael Jackson will air on Monday night at 7:30pm.

Produced by ITV it includes interviews with his mother, brothers and sisters and other famous performers who worked with Jackson.

The documentary had just been completed, to screen ahead of his comeback tour in the UK.

Sunday Night will also include a Jackson piece including Molly Meldrum’s Studio 54 interview, while Monique Wright is on location in Los Angeles:

Updated: With the sudden death of Michael Jackson continuing to dominate headlines around the world, Sunday Night will tonight screen a rare and beguiling interview that has sat in the archives for more than 30 years. It’s Michael Jackson as many want to remember him … before the suffocating fame. By 1977, Michael had already been in the business 15 years and wasn’t yet 20. Molly Meldrum had requested an interview with him for Countdown. The pair sat down at New York’s famous Studio 54 and Sunday Night will show their memorable chat tonight at 6.30pm. We will also talk to Molly and cross to Monique Wright on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Update #2: confirming those planned How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs are now locked in for July 6 and continue in repeats from July 13.


  1. King of Pop was on my ICE TV guide.

    I would have thought Seven could have used this special at 8.30pm in Sydney/Brisbane to get the Southern States up to date with Desperate Housewives. Especially as HIMYM is just going into repeats the following week anyway.

  2. Gerry, I didn’t even know “King Of Pop” was on, thanks to Nine’s legal action against IceTV.

    In this case, massive win for me, going by what I’ve heard (Stefanovic + Wilkins… *shudder*)

  3. Of course they are doing this for ratings, they all are. Just look at the bush fire coverage an other events, if you did it purely for the benefit of the community they would be called the ABC!

    And this is all good, we get some good special quickly, and probably would not have seen the ITV one until the next non ratings period.

  4. so can we assume that the rebecca maddern story on the controvercial cervical cancer vaccine is out of SN and will screen in few months, it isn’t in the adds. i was looking foreward to it, i liked the last vaccine story she did and it caused a big debate over on yahoo7 that is still going. but i can understand if this takes priority

  5. Wow. where are all those people saying that Seven are just doing this for the ratings?

    Looks like those people saying Nine are after ratings with King of Pop are a bit quiet today.

  6. this being a “new” doco should be a drawcard. I was wondering if Sunday Night would jump on the story and try to upstage 60 minutes. Seems like they have.

  7. I understand that each tv station has to show tribute specials on Michael Jackson, but is it going to interfere with Desperate Housewives?

    So when is the finale of How I Met Your Mother going to air?

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