Anti-Piracy group targets schools

online_piracySouthern Star producer and former chair of the Australian Film Commission Maureen Barron will head up a newly-formed body to fight piracy, the Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation (IPAF).

In a bid to thwart piracy of the Australian film and television industry, IPAF will take its message to schools, providing them with educational resources, run online education and conduct research in a bid to “promote creativity and IP rights and raise awareness and understanding of the importance of copyright.”

Part of its charter is “motivating a change in attitudes and behaviour to reduce public demand for illegal copies of film and television programmes”, according to a statement released by the group.

“I believe most Australians want to do the right thing,” said Barron.

“We know that once they become aware that copyright theft is wrong and the detrimental impact it has on the industry, most stop pirating.

“My experience in the film and production industries has shown me first hand the work that goes into making a film or television show. It is no mean feat and those who dedicate their talents to the field are entitled to see a return on their investment.”

IPAF members include the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT), theatrical distributors, cinema owners, and DVD rental retail chains.

Source: IT News


  1. instead of spending money preventing kids from doing, why not strike the root of the cause and drop levels of piracy altogether instead of telling kids its bad. Most times having someone tell you something is bad they dont listen, as for instance since late primary school we’ve had numerous lessons throughout the years on drugs alcohol and sex saying dont do it etc etc, but yet there are still teens that ignore and do it because it benefits them.
    imo the money should go into improving the networks to reduce tv show piracy, then they just need to think of ways to cut down on movie and music piracy

  2. FOX held back the final 2 episodes of prison break in the US. They intended to release it as a “special” DVD edition, as a blatant %$#* over your customer cash grab. Unfortunately for them some non US networks did air them. At the moment they have been downloaded about 1.9-2 million times. Download stats for prison break went from about 5% of downloaders being US based to about 25%. Now FOX has lost ad revenue from these episodes and still the only people who will buy it are the people who have bought the other seasons anyway, although they do get to screw some more money out of them.
    Way to completely miss the point (and some extra dollars) and punish the people who support you.
    Media organisations continue to be completely clueless about what their consumers want, clinging desperately to outdated revenue systems. Despite the fact that we are now empowered to use and consume whatever we like however we like to. Give us the chance to pay and consume our media the way we want it and this problem will largely disappear. Continue to ignore the wants of your marketplace and your marketplace will continue to ignore your wants.

  3. I agree that copyright infringement is illegal, because it is a fact. The issue here i believe is that of morality. Due to the networks’ appalling treatment of viewers, viewers don’t feel that downloading an episode of, say, the big bang theory, which nine dropped twice after average ratings, is the wrong thing to do. I agree. Yes every downloader downloading an episode hurts the networks, but if that is what it takes to bring them in line, i fully advocate it. They don’t seem to get the message though, which is their loss.

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