Auditions: The Apprentice

apprenticeAuditions are now open for Nine’s local version of The Apprentice, to be fronted by Mark Bouris, founder of Wizard Home Loans.

“Do you have what it takes to tough it out in the business world and turn your career dreams into a reality?” asks Nine.

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime for anyone with dreams of carving out a successful and rewarding career for themselves. Age is irrelevant, experience is irrelevant. What does matter is drive, ambition and a natural business flair.”

The winner will be guaranteed a new career with Mark Bouris’ company with a six figure salary.

Applicants must be aged 18 (well age is almost irrelevant) or over on 1 August 2009 and available for filming from July – September 2009. Producers will provide “a moderate payment designed to cover basic living costs and expenses for each week.”

Some of the questions in the lengthy application ask:

What was the last unusual, exciting or spontaneous outing that you instigated?
Have you ever cheated whilst in a relationship?
Describe something you would do if you knew that you would not get caught.
How important is money to you?
How competitive are you? How do you react when you lose?
What is your dream job?
Have you ever declared bankruptcy or been declared bankrupt?
Have you ever had to fire an employee from a job(s)?
Tell us about a low point in your career.
Have you ever been caught cheating?
Have you ever hit someone in anger or self defence?
Have you ever been arrested or had a restraining order placed against you?
Are you currently seeing or have you ever seen a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist?
Have you ever been CHARGED with a violent offence or a felony?

You can Apply Here.

Applications close at 6.00 pm on Friday, 3 July 2009.

Please do NOT contact TV Tonight regarding auditions, conducted exclusively by FremantleMedia Australia and the Nine Network.


  1. Jackie Knowles

    Will there be a follow up show after the Sept 2009 show as I would like to audition for the next Apprentince in Australia, i missed the cut of for the current show thats starts July – Sept 09. To get the opportunity to work with Mark Bouris would be the chance of a life time. He has been a very successfull man and would love the opportunity to learn more from him, as i have read his book Wealth Wizard which that taught me a great deal. Hoping there will be a follow up show.

    I look forward to your reply

    Jackie Knowles

  2. Congratulations Channel 9!!!!!!! About time a program that educates as well as entertains…think this is the beginning of some creative new concepts that I personally would love to see more of on tv! Mark Bouris is a clever contemporary choice for host & cant wait to see it come to life!

  3. This will be great, I really like this show!!!! it is the only reality TV show that requires the entrants to have some sort of talent (excluding a few of the recent cooking shows), and based on the US/UK versions I think there are very few people out there who could actually step up to the plate and deliver what is required to win the show!

    maninov, I think you may be getting Mark Bouris confused with John Symond (from Aussie Home Loans)……Mark Bouris is a top notch businessman, almost a billionaire, and generally keeps a very low-profile within the media…..I think he is a great choice!

  4. Seriously this is going to be as entertaining as Kevin Rudd in the bedroom. A few grunts, no question time, and its all over…

    Could you at least get a decent host. Fat old boring loser in Finance.. Small minded producer, small minded rehashed idea… Go for it!!!! Maybe it can be crossed over with Underbelly Season 3 – this time don’t forget the storyline…

  5. well ive never watched an eps of the US version before and the aussie one i wont either but i guess it could do well, masterchef did and i never throught it would of, again i havent watched an ep of masterchef either, i read on another website that channel 7 and 10 both bid for this show about 5 years ago and 9 won and said it was important to them and it would be up and running within the year, well 5 years(or could of been 4) later and they have finalily done something about it, all it was is that ch9 didnt want anyone elso to get the rights to the show, they dont really care

  6. I actually quite like the format of this show, as I enjoyed the Alan Sugar series when Seven aired it. Considering Nine’s past reality efforts this could either do very modestly like Aussie L2L or moderately like Wipeout Australia. Who knows, Nine might “do a MasterChef!” LOL

  7. Yes definately not passed its use by date. Its going from strength to strength in the UK and US. The UK finale recently got 10.6m which is the highest rated ep so far. Both the US and UK versions are currently screening on Foxtel on the same day and I love them both. If only the job was in Perth I would apply myself, especially as it seems the only qualification required is that you’re not a bankrupt psycho with a criminal record.

  8. I disagree, this show is perfect for Ch9 and I think it’ll work particularly well in the current economic climate. People here need some objectivity.

  9. It is probably my favourite reality tv show format. I enjoyed the US/UK versions.

    You need a range of skills like creativity, common sense, planning, organisation and personal skills to succeed on the tasks. I really appreciated seeing someone do a task well. And it is easy to relate to the tasks and wonder how you would have done it.

    The first season was the best. The candidates were less self conscious not knowing it would be a popular show. Later seasons were weaker especially the casting. More self aware famewhores, entertaining incompetents, eyecandy and people cast to create conflict.

    I hope Channel Nine cast some people with actual talent. And not get carried with artificially manufacturing drama, conflict, sob story, tension etc.

  10. Agree – this won’t work well for them. In fact, every attempt 9 does of reality fails. They’d be better off putting on the numerous US shows they have the rights to but don’t show such as 2 seasons of Survivor.

  11. Channel 9 just don’t understand programming do they!?!?

    This show is past is used by date in the US and didn’t really set any records when it was shown previously on 9.

    Then the UK version tanked on Channel 7. Now 9 want to produce a local version!

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