Auditions: The Great Aussie Cook Off

cookoffDon’t mention the word ‘Chef’, but Nine has a new series in the works, sponsored by Coles: The Coles Great Aussie Cook Off, Australia’s first competition to find our greatest family of cooks.

Teams of four can enter in various units: “This might be you and the kids, you and the grandparents or you and your flatmates,” notes the guidelines.

“Do you love cooking with your family or friends and want to inspire other Aussie’s with your home cooked meals? Do you have a secret family recipe you know is going to win your family the title? Is your family Moussaka the best in Australia?”

Like that other show this is a competition for “real people” who have a passion for cooking with and for family and friends.

UPDATED: So far there isn’t much detail on the television show itself but Nine confirms this will be a daytime programme, not primetime.

Applications are open until 5pm Friday 3 July 2009 and you can check it out at the official website.


  1. what a load of crap!
    Whats that italian ladies problem ,the one with the white hair preying, ….and how about the host putting her hand over her mouth coz she has a big mouth.
    she cant even cook,why would you go on a cooking show

  2. Seriously people do you have nothing better to do then come on a website that is advertising a new show…….and basically have a bitch on how a show is lame or apparently copying?? seriosuly look back at yourselves and see how imature you are being. How about you wait and see what the show is like if not stop your whinging your seriously worse then a bunch of bitchy teenage girls in high school. Just because it’s a cooking show doesnt necassarily means its going to be like all the others. and if you think its so apparently lame? how about you think of some innovative ideas and make your own show? if not ……… stop your whinging

  3. Not sure why MasterChef Australia (an idea copied from England, right down to the logo and then merged with Big Brother) is considered innovative, but this unique family-based show is considered a copy.

  4. its nice to see so many people who clearly have nothing better to do than watch tv criticise up and coming shows! heres an idea : get off your a**es and do something else!! or cant you get out of your chair to change the channel? cant reach the remote? if you dont like it no one is forcing you to watch.. maybe there should be a show called Australias biggest whinger im sure you would all make the audition!! Good luck channel 9 , im sure plenty of people will enjoy this show.

  5. Next thing you know Nine will be making The Fairly Rotund Loser, The 7:09 Project (which will still manage to run late), Ozzie Singa, You Can Think ‘Ya May Dance, Twin Brother, and building on that they may possibly introduce a new panel show called Mumblin’ ‘Bout ‘Ya ‘Gen.

  6. itll probably go in at like a 5pm Saturday/Sunday timeslot in a similar fashion to Australia’s Greatest Athlete. Unless they move E.T, there really isnt anywhere else for this to go in Mon-Fri daytime unless nine made a considerable move with there 12-3 Ellen/View/Days or Kids 3.30-4.30. I don’t see any changes being made to these slots, so definetly weekend.

    This is a good idea, who cares if its copied, its not even goin to be in primetime! could offer some nice entertainment on a boring weekend!

  7. come 9, you should be ashamed for blatantly copying ten. I don’t think this will succeed, people don’t watch master chef just because its a cooking show, rather because the idea in australia is fresh and offers alternative.

  8. I hope this show fails!

    And since it’s now a daytime show, where will it go? At 11.30am where the Fresh Cooking Show used to be? Or at 2pm and go against Ready Steady Cook? Or at 5pm and finally get rid of Antiques Roadshow?

  9. Thank God this is apprently going to Day Time otherwise this would have to be considered a copycat jump on the popularity badwagon chef. It would be another PrimeTime flop for nine if they even attempted it, ppl can smell a cheap knock off. They obviously learned that coppying ten and sevens reality shows dont mean hits. Clebrity Overhaul/Overhaul = Biggest Loser Knock Off and it even aired 6.30 Sunday. Dancing on Ice = Dancing With the Stars (even aired 7:30 Tuesday while DWTS was on a break).

  10. hot on the heels of other “original” concepts from Nine such as Missing Pieces, homeMade and Customs 🙂

    and will just be another excuse to cram excessive product placement down the viewers throats

  11. I think it *will* be afternoon/weekend filler: the privacy policy on the website mentions the production – sorry, *creative media solutions* company – Brand New Media.

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