Being Human

A vampire, werewolf and ghost. Being Human succeeds rather well as a small ensemble piece, with the feeling of an indie theatrical three-hander.

bh1Another buried treasure on ABC2 hits our screens with the UK’s six-part dramedy series, Being Human. Three twenty-somethings share a flat in Bristol (the same city that’s home to Skins) and all three share supernatural qualities.

Mitchell (Aidan Turner) is a dashing vampire who works as a hospital porter when he isn’t melting hearts. He looks out for George (Russell Tovey), who isn’t so chuffed about being a werewolf, especially when the calendar ticks around to “that time of the month”. Transitioning, he reckons, is worse than when you watched your cat have kittens. They share a house with Annie (Lenora Crichlow), who suffers the affliction of being a ghost, unable to interact with the real world that surrounds her.

All three struggle to keep their secret from the outside world. Within the confines of their apartment they are free to shed their outer personas and empathise with one another.

Mitchell, with his ability to wander openly in daylight, is one of several TV vampires that enjoy such luxury (ie. Moonlight). Interacting in the real world, he also bonds more with humans and resists a devious vampire leader trying to lure him back to the dark ways. True Blood, anyone? The fact that Aidan Turner is completely hot is somewhat distracting, but don’t let that put you off, wink wink…

George, meanwhile, is more comic in dealing with his animal instincts – echoes of An American Werewolf in London – while Annie just wants to reunite with her former fiancé (and their landlord), who now has a new girlfriend and can’t even see her in front of him. OK, I guess that’s Ghost. But the referencing of three other tales shouldn’t diminish from the entertainment value inherent here.

In this show’s rather hip and urban take on classic characters, the three principals are given plenty to work with. Their relationships and the issues they face simply in trying to get through the day comprise the bulk of this show, which has a rollicking time doing it. The budget is modest, and this puts more focus on the actors, all of whom rise to the challenge. Being Human succeeds rather well as a small ensemble piece, with the feeling of an indie theatrical three-hander. Sink your teeth into it.

4_starsBeing Human airs 9.20pm Friday on ABC2.

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  1. This show is crap everything that anyone has ever learnt about vampires and warewolfs know they dont get on yet we see them living together in domestic bliss there are so many things wrong with this show i dont even know where to begin dont waste your life watching this

  2. I just noticed this is available from Amazon UK on blu-ray for those who just have to see their favourite shows in 1080p. The UK is in blu-ray region B the same as us, so playback won’t be an issue either.

  3. i totally love this show and never would have known about it if it weren’t for you david so thankyou very much. the dvd comes out 6th of august 2009 and i’m recommending that my rental store gets it so others can experience this wonderful show too.

  4. Craig – As LadyWriter says the plilot shows them moving in plus all the characters except for Russell Tovey as George were played by different people.

    It is explained in the pilot about the room in the hospital that George needed to be in to make his transformation.

    It feels more clear to have seen the pilot first.

  5. We watched at home, and felt like they’d left the most important part – how they move in and they could see her – off the page.

    It makes more sense now, knowing there was a pilot based on all that!

    It was a fun show and surprisingly emotional and I’ll watch again.

  6. it’s too bad they’re not doing the pilot first… at least that’s what it looks like from the guide… lots of people are going to be confused… plus the pilot alone is what got the huge following in england, enough for a 6 ep season plus another season next year

  7. Sounds interesting!
    I find myself appreciating British shows more than their stale American counterpart these days. For example just recently saw the “Beautiful people”, a charming six parter as well.

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